Tom Holland shares his most desired villains for future Spider-Man movies

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Spider-Man No Way Home It opens in less than a week and the promotional machinery has not stopped in recent days; so much so, that the main protagonists of the film with Tom Holland At the helm they continue to offer numerous interviews to media around the world in which they share new information about the new movie of Marvel’s spider superhero. And on this occasion, Holland himself has shared the spider-man villains whom you would like to face in the future.

Spider-Man’s Most Wanted Villains

To start with, Tom Holland wants to confront Kingpin, one of the classic Spider-Man villains in the comics: “I really would like to face Wilson Fisk”, in addition to commenting that Madame Web it would be an interesting character for the cinema. Although in another interview, Tom Holland has mentioned Morbius as a villain he would like to see opposite Spidey: “I think the Morbius movie looks very good. And it’s scarier, that movie. I think it could be a cool thing, Spider-Man versus a vampire. “

In addition, the actor reviews his three favorite villains whom he has faced with Vulture (for being the first and “it was great”) in the first place together with Mysterio by Jake Gyllenhaal and the Green Goblin of Willem Dafoe, whom he will face in Spider-Man No Way Home, ensuring that working with the actor has been one of his best experiences in the cinema.

Although the most surprising thing is when Tom Holland assures that it would be great to see himself Spider-Man as a villain“I’d also like to see what happens if my Spider-Man becomes a villain, I think there are some cool things you could do a movie about an antihero, or things like that,” concludes the actor.

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Spider-Man No Way Home the next one opens in theaters December 16, 2021.

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