Tom Holland spoke of the importance of Spiderman: no way home in his life

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There are already many Marvel productions that are part of phase four of the franchise, but there are two that became the most anticipated: the movie of Black Widow and of Spiderman: no way home. The first will hit theaters and Disney + on July 9, while the second, with Tom Holland As the protagonist, it will only be seen on December 17, thus giving an end to the adventures of Peter Parker.

After two successful feature films as Spiderman, Tom Holland leaves his life as part of Marvel since, from the first moment, it was always known that the new era of the youngest superhero would only be for a trilogy. That is why the filming of the last film is causing many emotions in the fans, but also in the protagonists themselves, who will say goodbye after this work.

The protagonists of Spiderman will say goodbye after this film. Photo: (Marvel)

On the one hand, the followers of the British actor and the story of the super arachnid are offended because there is still no trailer available for Spiderman: no way home and, in fact, this secrecy is what makes the film one of the most anticipated. And, as for the protagonists, they are excited during the filming, especially Holland who confessed the importance of this production in his life.

With only 19 years old, Tom Holland He came to the MCU to become the youngest superhero in all of superhero history, also surpassing his predecessors, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. So much so that the fact of being at the casting was very special for him and, now, giving a closure to this adventure that catapulted him to international fame, is also very special.

The first image of Tom Holland on the set.  Photo: (Marvel)

The first image of Tom Holland on the set. Photo: (Marvel)

We started shooting Spiderman 3 a few months ago, which has been crazy and really weird because we’re filming it in Atlanta.“, The actor began saying during an interview and, later, added:”that’s where I did my first audition for the character and we’re shooting on the same set. It’s an experience like closing a circle”. And, for Tom “this has been incredible”.

Likewise, Holland also commented: “go through the same door that I entered at the age of 19, nervous and thinking: “oh, god, I hope to get the job” and then walk through the door with 24 making the movie enchanting life, safe and enjoying everything that I it’s happening has been incredible”. And, after these words, it should be noted that the importance of the casting was not only because he was selected, but because it was also the first time he met Robert Downey Jr.

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