Tom Holland Takes Sabbatical from Acting After ‘The Crowed Room’ Due to Breakdown

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JJ Benítez, the Spanish writer behind the best-selling literary saga “Trojan Horse,” says the release of his latest book, “Belén,” is a “relief” after nearly four decades of writing on the subject. Benítez has sold millions of copies of the saga worldwide since the first “Trojan Horse” was released in 1984. “Belén” is the 12th volume of the series and marks the end of the saga, with Benítez stating that he has nothing more to say on the subject.

The series tells the story of two USAF pilots who travel back in time to the year 30 of the common era, to the ancient Roman province of Judea to follow in the footsteps of Jesus of Nazareth to verify his last days. However, the series offers an alternative version of the life of Jesus. Benítez says that after having written more than 7,000 pages on the life of Jesus of Nazareth, this book is definitely the end of the series.

The information contained in the saga is real and was given to Benítez in a privileged way by the protagonist of the books. These statements earned him harsh criticism from conservative sectors of the Church, although Benítez says the criticism has now lessened.

Benítez maintains in the saga that Jesus never wanted to found a religion and that religion is “the opium of humanity” as it numbs the mind and intelligence of people. He invites people to flee from any religion and process all information to end up searching for the truth themselves.

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Benítez also confesses that he was concerned about the possibility that fans of the saga wanted to start a new religion based on his books, but adds that the most important premise is not to belong to any group, church, or religion, but to think for oneself.

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