Tom Holland traded Zendaya for another Marvel actor

In the last few months Tom Holland Y zendaya they took all the stares of Marvel fans. This is because the actors, after so many years working together, confirmed their relationship for the first time. When they appeared, in 2017, as the interpreters of Spider-Man and MJ in Homecoming Their chemistry was unmatched to the point that it crossed the screen and the romance rumors began.

However, for many years, Tom Holland Y zendaya They denied any courtship claiming to be just friends. Of course, the good bond between them was always palpable in all the areas in which they appeared together. But, it was only now that the interpreters went for more and, unexpectedly, they were caught kissing in a car while waiting for a traffic light on the streets of Los Angeles.

And, after those images, Holland and the singer were forced to confirm their relationship to the media to the point that they are no longer hiding. It was just a few weeks ago when they made it clear that they were together, although a long time before they began to dedicate tender messages on social networks. However, they both tend to have an extremely low profile to keep their relationship as private as possible.

However, now a photograph published by Tom caused a lot of comments from his fans. Is that the actor was very close to his other Spider-Man partner: Jacob Batalón. Of course, this is nothing more than a joke between the three who always proved to be a very close-knit group. Of course, in the photo, zendaya is to one side while the two actors are seen on top.

The snapshot was published on his Instagram story where, in addition, Tom Holland confirms that they finished their promotional tour in England. The three artists were giving interviews for the next premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home which will hit theaters on December 16. In this film the actors once again put themselves in the shoes of Peter Parker, Ned and MJ respectively where their friendship will take them to completely unknown limits.

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