Tom Holland would be against a Netflix decision

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Tom Holland does not stop stomping within the film industry. Since his time at Marvel playing Peter Parker, the British-born actor has won the affection of thousands of fans and colleagues. It is because, his spontaneity and his charisma both on and off the set made him one of the most important actors of the new generation of Hollywood.

Tom Holland is one of the most beloved actors. Photo: (Getty)

So much so that he does not stop adding new projects to his career and one of them is Spiderman: no way home, film that will be released on December 17. And, with this tape, Tom Holland closes his way through the MCU in a big way. However, just as he thinks about the advancement of his profession, the artist also gets excited when good things happen to his friends.

That’s why, when Harrison Osterfield starred in The Irregulars for Netflix, Holland always showed his pride and happiness on the networks. The actors have been friends for years, a bond that began with Osterfield working for the Spiderman interpreter. “I came out of drama school and he asked me if I wanted to come, kind of a stroke with him, while I was working on these great movies and it was an amazing experience”, He confessed in an interview.

Also, according to Osterfield’s testimony, the only tasks he had were to help Tom go over the lines in his movies. But, between work and work, an unbreakable friendship emerged and, therefore, for the 24-year-old Briton, seeing his friend star in a strip of the streaming giant was very special.

But nevertheless, The Irregulars, which premiered in March this year, was canceled in May despite the good reviews and audience numbers it received. And the fact that his friend lost the opportunity to continue with his series would have angered Holland. However, it should be noted that there is no official confirmation in this regard, but even so the actor does not stop helping whoever ever helped him.

Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield.  Photo: (@ tomholland2013)

Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield. Photo: (@ tomholland2013)

He always gives me advice and when I asked him if I was doing it right he said: just let yourself go, enjoy it and have funHarrison said at the time. And, as much as now the former protagonist of The Irregulars He wasn’t seen in front of the cameras again, for sure Tom Holland you’ll be happy for him again when this happens.


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