Tom Holland’s biggest career challenge has nothing to do with Spider-Man

¡Sony Pictures found an oasis in the middle of the desert! What are we talking about? From a talent who came to the Hollywood industry with enough energy to conquer audiences around the world: Tom Holland. The production company will continue to give work to this young actor who has already surprised with his participation in entries such as The impossible and the Marvel superhero saga, Spider-Man.

Holland is waiting for the premiere of the third installment of the arachnid in the cinema and next year another potential franchise will arrive in theaters with his participation: Uncharted. However, the actor does not seem to slow down and now another role has been confirmed that will surely help him conquer a different audience than he is used to. What is this mysterious project about?

A very special professional challenge for Tom Holland

The talented performer will bring the legend to life Fred Astaire in a biopic produced by Sony. “The script arrived a week ago. I haven’t read it yet because they hadn’t given it to me. Amy Pascal FaceTimeed me before. I was in the bathroom … but I’ll play Fred Astaire “, confirmed the person in charge of giving life to Peter Parker in the expected Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Fred Astaire He is valued as one of the great dancers in film history with countless musicals alongside his partner Ginger Rogers. Titles like Top-hat O Crazy Rhythm realize this talent that was also nominated for an Oscar for The Colossus in Flames. The truth is Tom Holland he will have to use all his resources as a dancer to bring this character to life in an unprecedented professional challenge for the young man.

Not much else is known about this interesting project, but as is often the case in Hollywood, another film focused on the Astaire-Rogers duo is being produced by Amazon with Jamie Bell and Margaret Qualley as protagonists. Curious fact? Holland and Bell share another lead that is about a dancer: Billy Elliot. Tom in the theater and Jamie on the big screen. Surprise!

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