Tom Holland’s reaction after his romance with Zendaya went viral

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Tom Holland was a trend this Friday and not precisely because of his great artistic talent. The actor and his Spider-Man partner, Zendaya, were seen kissing in a car in Los Angeles. Although the Londoner is used to his name being on everyone’s lips, the last hours were very intense for him due to the leaks of his private life. It was known the first thing he did after the news was known and that’s how he reacted.

The interpreter of Peter Parker is usually very reserved about his intimacy and much more about his love relationships. However, in the face of so much fame, he cannot avoid being caught on camera. While the Six Page medium captured him with his new girlfriend, thus ending a year of rumors about their romance, the site Just Jared photographed him with his after reaction.

Tom Holland’s reaction after his romance with Zendaya went viral

Apparently, Holland took the pictures very calmly because he was seen fulfilling his usual routine: he drove his Audi to the gym to train for a few hours. The British star’s response marks how little he is interested in hiding from the paparazzi, even if he knows they are looking for him.

So far, neither he nor Zendaya posted anything on social media and, although they are not required to do so, It will be impossible for them to avoid journalists’ questions on the subject. Previously, the artists had flatly denied rumors pointing to their romantic relationship.

What will be the next public appearance for Zendaya and Tom Holland?

George Cottle, Spider-Man: No Way Home stunt coordinator confirmed in late March that the filming of the film had finished. With the premiere scheduled for December 17, there will be different events to promote the film and there the couple will be seen again in public. By then will they be official?

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