Tom Parker’s ashes will be made into jewelry for children and his mum, says wife Kelsey

The singer of the band The Wanted died last March at the age of 33 after fighting with all his strength against a brain tumor that he was diagnosed with in October 2020, a few months before he welcomed the youngest of his two children, little Bodhi.

His widow Kelsey Parker wants his offspring to have some palpable memory of the musician because at first the two thought that he could overcome the disease despite a very unfavorable prognosis given to him by the doctors, so he did not leave any farewell message for them to read when they were older.

“If I had started telling him to write letters to the children, I would have said, ‘What do you mean? Don’t you think I’m going to survive this?’ It wouldn’t have been good for his mental attitude. She didn’t need to do it because I’ll tell them what I thought,” she said.

The idea she has come up with is to use her husband’s ashes to create jewelry that she will give to her mother-in-law Noreen and her children so that they can always carry Tom close to the heart, although in the case of Aurelia and Bodhi she will wait a while before giving them to her because they are only 4 years and 20 months respectively.

“It will be something really special that they can have and it will be delivered to them at a certain time, but I still do not know when,” he said in statements to OK magazine! Magazine.

Tom passed away just a week after appearing on stage with his bandmates on a reunion tour and no one expected him to get worse as quickly as he did. However, Kelsey believes it was typical of her husband not to make her suffer more than necessary.

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“I’m just saying that he lived his life to the fullest, and even his death was swift. That’s why, for the first two weeks after his death, I was in shock,” he said.

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