Tommy Innit Net Worth – How Much Does This Youtuber Own?

Youtube has really changed the course of the trend. Online videos and shorts are the new platforms to set the trends. Both the media are not  just sources of entertainment anymore. They are even helping people become famous and rich. Tommy Innit is a famous YouTuber known for his good content and the money he makes. Let us know more about him in the further segment.

Who Is Tommy Innit?

Tommy was born on 9 April 2004 in Nottinghamshire, England. He is British by nationality. His real name is Thomas Simons. He was raised in a well-established Christian family. He had finished his early education at his hometown’s local high school. His higher education is done at his local private university in Nottinghamshire. 

From his early childhood days, he has had a keen interest in games and gaming platforms. He played a lot and was famous among his group as a gamer. He wants to pursue his career as a professional gamer. 

Personal Life

Tommy’s father is a businessman by profession, and his mother, Mrs. Sarrah Simon, is a housewife. She loves to look after their child and gives full support to him. He does not have any siblings and is a single child. Presently he is single and in no mood to date someone. 

Tommy has a very attractive and good personality. He is smart and stands on all the terms of a good-looking person. He has a muscular physique and attractive body measurements. He has also inked a beautiful tattoo on his neck to look more trendy and cool for his age group. 

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From the initial point of his career, he has been very positive about his gaming and entertainment skills. He knows what the public likes and tries to make an effort. He started his career as a YouTuber and a twitch streamer. He streamed his games live, like pubg, Minecraft, and Fortnite, in his channels back then. There was a huge craze for such games among youngsters. Every gamer was familiar with the hype and how cool the game was. Even now, the impact of the game is quite similar. They love to play again to experience the same adrenaline rush. 

He continues to stream his game live, and people start liking his skills. Many gamers use his tips to win their battles. Soon he became a popular star on YouTube, and his subscribers increased. In 2001 he also streamed his game finance live of dream SPM, a very popular game again. 

In 2013 he started another youtube channel named Channelnutpig. It was a collaborative channel with one of his friends. He states that he will make the old videos public as the channel grows. Now, most of the videos on the channel are private. After some time, in 2015, he again started a new channel named Tommy Innit. However, he posted his first video on the channel in 2018. He was playing a Minecraft game, and the video became very popular on his timeline. 

After opening the channel, his growth continued in his field. In 2019 he uploaded a video related to another game. The game’s name was skyblock, and it was a high-pixel minigame. Because of this single video, his channel marked a huge growth in followers. Later on, in the further segment, he also started collaborating with the other YouTubers. He joined the roleplay Minecraft server named Dream SPM. 

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He was also invited with many other collaborations to make the team and play with them. His youtube channel started growing immensely after the collaboration. His average viewers increase to more than 66k views on his single video, which is really a huge growth in terms of gaming. Presently he has three other active channels, also named TomSimons. TommyVODS, Tommyoutit. 

Tommy Net Worth

The immense growth of his youtube channel is creating a wide range of income for him. He can crack all the inside hacks and live his drama life by following his passion. In 2022 his channel has grown to more than 13 million subscribers, and his views are 1.8 billion so far. The rough estimation of his views is around 1 million per day. If we count the lump sum figure of his worth from this contemporary mathematics, it becomes 8000$ per day. That is 3 million per year. 

Tom Innit also earns a handsome amount of money from his vlogging content. He meets new people and records himself doing plenty of activities other than gaming. People like to watch him doing fun and other interactive things with people. The channel has over 9 million subscribers. Overall there are more than 400 million views on his channel. This means if you calculate his views, that is around 30k views per day. All the values estimate it to be about 3000 $ per day. 

After streaming live, he also uploaded his live streaming for those who couldn’t catch him up live. Tommy VODS is his channel to upload recorded videos. This channel has more than 3.5 million subscribers, and the views have crossed 400 million so far. This all accumulated him to around eighty thousand views per day. These values estimate a total profit of 650$ per day.

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He is also earning some good money from his twitch partners. Tommy is currently receiving 2.50 $ through his twitch account. Because half of the subscribed fees were given to the twitch platform. In the recent edition now, platforms like twitch and others are increasing their pay to the YouTubers. This is done to encourage them to stick with the current outlet so that they can also make a profit. 

If we talk about the overall revenue of Tommy, then it is around 10 million per year. From his all sponsorship, youtube paid content, and public appearances, his total net worth has multiplied to become his annual worth. Tommy is at the peak of his career, and in a recent interview, he said he now wants to focus fully on youtube videos. He will quit his live streaming.

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