‘Tongo’ admits that he is ‘private’ to pay for his diabetic neuropathy treatments

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'Tongo' admits that he is 'private' to pay for his diabetic neuropathy treatments

Just a few days ago José Abelardo Gutiérrez Alanya, better known as ‘Tongo’, was vaccinated against Covid-19; However, the singer has been harshly questioned for having been caught giving a ‘private’ after being immunized.

That is why the interpreter of “La Pituca” came forward to defend himself and in statements to the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” said that if he works in this way, it is to pay for treatments for your diabetic neuropathy.

“Do you know what it is that they tell you that your disease is in the last stage?”, he told the reporter of the program that Magaly Medina hosts. As revealed in the report, the singer charges between S / 2,500 and S / 3,000 per hour in each of his private shows.

Gutiérrez Alanya could not help but break when commenting on his financial situation; what’s more, He admitted that he does not feel safe and knows that he is at risk, because vaccines prevent hospitalizations but not contagion. “If I get infected, Diosito is the one who takes care of me,” he said.

‘Tongo’, who is 63 years old, was vaccinated in the middle of May because even though he was not in the age range to which he is being immunized, It does belong to the group of people with comorbidities listed in the schedule, as it suffers from kidney failure and diabetes.

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