‘Tongo’ denounces medical negligence: “I am very sad and afraid, my legs may be cut off”

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Abelardo Gutiérrez, popularly known as ‘Tongo’, denounced that he suffered an alleged medical negligence when he was treated for his diabetes two weeks ago at the National Center for Renal Health.

“12 days ago I was receiving treatment for my diabetes, at the National Renal Health Center, and I told the lady that I was cold and they brought me some hot water bottles that they put on my feet and they forgot, because four hours passed and that caused the soles of my feet to burn. That is medical negligence because the soles of my feet were popped and raw, my bones showed. I got an infection and I had to come to the Almenara Hospital ”, Tongo said to Trome.

‘Tongo’, who is currently admitted to the Guillermo Almenara Hospital, revealed that the injuries he has on his feet are serious, therefore, he will undergo several operations with skin grafts.

“I got an infection and I had to come to the Almenara Hospital in an emergency. The doctors gave me a treatment, three days I waited in the corridor with serum and antibiotics until finally they transferred me to the ward. Now I have been told that I will need three operations because they have to do skin grafts ”, he pointed.

The national artist confessed that he fears suffering the amputation of his legs. “If the infection did not enter the tendons or the bones, then they will not cut my legs, but to rule out that they will do other tests. I am very sad and afraid, because if the infection reached the bone they could cut my legs and how am I going to work ”, added.

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