Toño Mauri battles covid-19 for the third time – his inspiring story.

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The actor Toño Mauri is currently fighting Covid-19 for the third time. After his first infection, he experienced complications that resulted in surgery and a double lung transplant. Speaking on the Despierta América program, Mauri expressed concern about the current shape of his symptoms.

Mauri explained that he had taken a home test after experiencing a high temperature, headache, and body aches. To his surprise, the test result was negative. However, during his check-up, he was informed that he had indeed tested positive for Covid-19.

Despite feeling low, Mauri disclosed that he is not currently experiencing any serious complications. He then went on to share how he believes that people should be more cautious about the ongoing pandemic.

The actor elaborated on the differences between his symptoms from his first infection and his current one. This time around, the symptoms felt “like a very strong flu” and were similar to complications from sinusitis or croup. Although his breathing was compromised during his first infection, it is currently stable, and he is able to monitor his oxygen levels.

Mauri shared his concerns that he is immunocompromised as a transplant recipient. He is currently receiving treatment in Miami, which includes three infusions to build up his immunity and fight the virus.

Despite his current battle with Covid-19, Mauri is optimistic and remains confident that he will recover from this latest infection. This serves as a reminder that the pandemic is still a significant issue and that individuals should continue to take measures to protect themselves and those around them.

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