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Too Old To Die Young: The Series Amazon Prime Video Doesn’t Want You To See

Nicolas Winding Refn is one of the most controversial directors of today. The level of violence reflected in his films is not suitable for everyone and may be Drive, with Ryan Gosling, the easiest to digest of its production. It also appears on his resume The Neon Demon, which he produced together with Amazon Studios and from the good reception it earned him the confidence to develop the project he wanted. In this context, it emerged Too Old To Die Young.

Too Old To Die Young has a cast headed by Miles Teller and Jenna Malone, for a story spread over ten long episodes. One of the reasons why this series could have been a bit relegated has to do with the length of its history. Each chapter lasts, on average, an hour and a quarter (some up to an hour and a half). The last of all lasts only thirty minutes.

The narrative of Too Old To Die Young it’s completely slow. Those who are used to seeing more dynamic productions will fall in the first attempt to sit down and watch this fiction that stops in completely uncomfortable shots and very long sequences. If to this is added the level of violence, at times graphic, that fiction has, the combo makes it even more difficult to see. Even so, it is one of those stories that you have to indulge in seeing and enjoying.

The series Too Old To Die Young took elements from and could make you like it

With a clear identity defined in Drive and repeated in The Neon Demon, the series of Nicolas Winding Refn It relies again on particular actions. Almost all of his characters are disconnected from reality and show practically no emotions. The unnamed character of Ryan Gosling, and repeated with Elle Fanning in the film that questions the world of modeling. This time, to Miles Teller He plays the role of a corrupt cop without any visible emotion.

Miles Teller and Lance Gross are two corrupt cops from Los Angeles. (Amazon Prime Video)

But if what you need to choose to see Too Old To Die Young They are clearer references, the series has influences that could catch your attention. The best known of all (and the most obvious) is that of Breaking Bad. The production has Mexican drug trafficking as a key component, although it does so with an even more terrible level of violence than the one it carried out Gustavo Fring. The owner of The chickens brothers he would shudder just seeing what he is capable of Jesus (Augusto Aguilera placeholder image ) in this fiction.

For lovers of Quentin Tarantino there are elements of Kill Bill. The carnage that the director usually shows here are also present, but going into details would ruin the experience of seeing this production whose definitive influence is that of Twin Peaks. There is a certain construction of the story, passages, colors and even characters that could well be part of the famous universe that he created David Lynch.

Why doesn’t Amazon Prime Video show this series as much

When he was as a guest at the Barcelona film festival, Winding Refn He told how he created this series. “The only reason why Too Old To Die Young exists is because, at the time, in Amazon Studios they were so happy with me and with The Neon Demon who told me: ‘Do what you want, we will pay you’ “, he explained, while saying that after receiving the money “they forgot” of the.

the neon demon elle fanning nicolas winding refn

Nicolas Winding Refn junto a Elle Fanning, la protagonista de The Neon Demon. (IMDb)

“It was a time when the studio had hired one, fired another, hired the one from beyond. The new manager who had just arrived realized that it was too late to stop the project they had forgotten about and that I was done. And when they went to the viewing room, they got mad. But a lot “, assured the director. “They realized they couldn’t change it, it was done! So they told me, ‘We’ll bury it among all our content.’ And I said, ‘In the digital age, how are you going to bury something? it’s on the internet it’s just a click away. But they had this old idea that they could make my show disappear. But they haven’t been able to do it, obviously. “, he pointed.

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