Tool tip: Increase routing stability with the RIPE database

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The RIR has been the Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Center (RIPE NCC) for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia since 1992, an independent non-profit organization in Amsterdam whose database is publicly accessible. Operators of autonomous systems (AS) store routing policies here that define import and export rules for IP routes from and to other AS. This increases the stability of routing in the Internet, since it makes route hijacking more difficult. Using the contact details in attributes such as tech-c or abuse-c you can quickly alert those responsible in the event of malfunctions or misuse.

More about the Internet

The coordination of the IP address allocation takes place via the allocation of address blocks via provider-aggregatable blocks (PA) to the Local Internet Registry (LIR, mostly providers or other operators of large networks) or via provider-independent address blocks directly from the RIPE to the end user. A LIR can also be suballocated to customers within the PA.

There are four interfaces for filling the database. With web updates, the content can be stored or queried individually using a web form. This first variant informs the inexperienced about the meaning of the attributes. A text box called Syncupdates, which can be accessed via the web GUI, enables experienced users to insert prepared objects using copy-and-paste. The third option for updates is to send text emails to [email protected] In this way, several objects can be created or modified at the same time. Fourth, if you need a connection to network management systems or at least your own scripts, CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) via RESTful API.

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