“Top 10 Must-Visit Coffee Shops in Miguel Angel de Quevedo”

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Discover the Best Cafeterias in Miguel Angel de Quevedo

On the charming Miguel Angel de Quevedo avenue, very close to the subway that bears the same name, there are a series of endearing cafeterias that offer much more than a cup of coffee and a bread roll. This area, located near the center of Coyoacán, offers a quiet alternative away from the bustle of crowded cafes that are always full. If you are looking for the perfect place for a first date, to enjoy an artisan bread with coffee, or simply to spend some time relaxing reading or chatting with friends, these cafeterias in Miguel Angel de Quevedo are the ideal choice.


If you are looking to enjoy a good handmade chocolate while you immerse yourself in reading a book, you cannot miss visiting Marabunta Café. Although its facade is simple, its charm attracts many people. The irresistible aromas of coffee and chocolate emanating from this place are like a magnet that invites you to enter and end up staying for a long time. In addition, it works as a space for cultural and literary promotion, where you can discover brochures of literary presentations, colloquiums, workshops and events related to independent publishers.

El Café de los Sentidos

El Café de los Sentidos stands out for its commitment to fair trade and its close collaboration with micro and small Mexican businesses. Its mission is clear and powerful: to create a social coffee enterprise that promotes the labor inclusion of people in vulnerable situations, such as those with disabilities, homeless youth, indigenous communities, and families dedicated to growing coffee. In addition to its exceptional taste, each cup of coffee offers a dose of social justice.

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The Silk Road

When it comes to fine pastries, you cannot miss the Silk Road café. Here, artisan breads, delicious cakes, and exceptional coffee are your hallmarks. The Silk Road excels as both a high-quality coffee shop and an organic pastry house. Its ecological approach and its attention to detail in each preparation have made it a point of reference on the gastronomic map.

Ekil, healthy bar

Ekii is a charming little corner located on Av. Miguel Angel de Quevedo that stands out for its Healthy Bar concept. At Ekii you can find a wide variety of options, from delicious waffles to refreshing smoothies and nutritious bowls. Each dish is carefully prepared to offer you a healthy and tasty culinary experience.

Bakers, bakery and pastry shop

Bakers, a leading bakery and pastry shop, has expanded its presence with several branches in different places, such as Polanco, Roma Norte, La Del Valle, and now also in Chimalistac, already in Alvaro Obregón but very close to Coyoacán. One of the best features of Bakers is the wide variety of artisan breads they have to choose from and accompany your coffee.

Granto café

Granto Café proves that size does not define flavor or personality. Despite being small, this place oozes with character and charm. It is the ideal destination to enjoy a delicious breakfast or a mid-afternoon brunch. What distinguishes Granto Café are its savory dishes.

Café Diwali

Diwali is a truly special place for the vegan community. This cozy and comforting cafeteria, with subtle Indian touches in its theme, offers a unique experience. Although not exclusively vegan, it stands out for offering exceptional vegetarian and vegan options.

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At the Cafetzalli cafeteria, you can enjoy an authentic experience with organic coffee from the state of Chiapas. In addition to high-quality coffee, Cafetzalli offers a variety of foods prepared at the moment that perfectly complement the coffee experience.

Café La Victoria

A small but cozy place, Café La Victoria offers a unique experience for those looking to enjoy delicious coffee and chocolate at affordable prices.

Café Jarocho

Café Jarocho is widely known for its delicious and accessible coffee. One of the advantages that El Jarocho offers is its extended hours, since they usually offer service until midnight.

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