Top 10 Rudest Cities in the USA

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According to a survey conducted by Business Insider, New York has the most impolite people in the entire American Union. Out of the 2,092 Americans surveyed, 34.3 percent of respondents rated it as the least friendly city in the country.

Some experts believe that the lack of privacy in the city may be a significant factor contributing to this perception. City residents’ private lives are often visibly public, creating an impression of a lack of manners and etiquette.

“I haven’t seen a true gentleman, a well-educated man, since I came to the city. In his entertainments there is no conversation that is pleasant; there is no modesty, nor attention to each other. They speak very loudly, very fast and together. If they ask you a question, before you can say three words of your answer, they will attack you again and talk to you,” said one of the respondents

The second city on the list is Los Angeles, with 19.7 percent of respondents rating it as one of the rudest cities in the United States. Washington DC is in third place, with 18.9 percent. Political arguments often spill over into social life, contributing to the city’s reputation for rudeness and incivility.

The 10 Least Friendly Cities in the US

Here is the full list of the top ten cities with the rudest people in the US, along with the percentage of respondents who voted for them:

  1. New York – 34.3%
  2. Los Angeles, California – 19.7%
  3. Washington DC – 18.9%
  4. Chicago, Illinois – 18.6%
  5. Boston, Massachusetts – 14.9%
  6. Detroit, Michigan – 11.6%
  7. Buffalo, New York – 11.3%
  8. Baltimore, Maryland – 11.2%
  9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 9.9%
  10. San Francisco, California – 9.8%
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If you’re planning to visit any of these cities or live there, you might want to brace yourself for some impolite encounters. But it’s important to remember that these are only perceptions and not a reflection of the entire population. Every city has its own unique culture, and it’s up to you to discover and appreciate its nuances.

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