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TOP 10: the most viewed movies and series on Amazon Prime Argentina

Even though Netflix is ​​still the streaming giant, Amazon Prime Video began to stomp. Thanks to the pandemic and the renewal of its catalog every month, this platform began to gain more users every day. And, therefore, each time it decides to renew itself in order to keep the people who choose it as their paid service to watch movies and series.

So much so that, in a new attempt to beat Netflix, Amazon Prime Video now it added to its beginning the TOP 10 of the most viewed on the platform. Therefore, if you don’t know what to see, from Spoiler we show you this ranking so you can start the weekend doing a marathon.

TOP 10 of the most viewed on Amazon Prime Argentina:

10. Educating Nina:

It is not an original series on the platform, but was produced by the television network, Telefé. Starring Griselda Siciliani, this series follows the lives of Mara and Nina, two twins who were separated at birth. But at 30 his biological father puts them together again in the least expected way.

9. Small Victories: 6 years later:

Jasmine, Emma and Bárbara move away from Victoria to try to find a new path both personally and professionally. During this search they realize that motherhood is the solution”Says the official synopsis.

8. Modern Love:

Relationships, connections, betrayals and revelations are what prevail in this series based on all true stories. Love breaks all the rules in this eight-episode anthology.

7. Graduates:

As well as Pequeñas Victorias, Graduates It is an Argentine production of Telefé. This soap opera follows the life of a group of high school classmates who meet again 20 years after graduating. But, in this reunion, a secret that they had been keeping for many years is discovered.

6. IT: Chapter two:

It is the sequel to the first film. 30 years after the terrifying events, the adult characters gather in Maine the city that receives terror every 27 years.

5. Fear The Walking Dead – Season 6:

The group scattered throughout the distant settlements of Virginia, struggle to survive apart from each other as they try to hold on to who they are and what they once believed in.”Reads the Amazon synopsis.

4. Little Victory – Season 1:

Four women decide to share the upbringing of Victoria, who challenges them and challenges them to love. Women find a healing bond in the relationship the four build”, describe Amazon.

Little Victoria. Photo: (Telefé)

3. The Good Doctor:

It is one of the most important medical dramas of recent times. Originally from ABC stars Freddie Highmore and follows the story of Shaun Murphy. This surgeon begins his residency, but is discriminated against by his colleagues as he suffers from Savant syndrome and autism.

2. Nine Perfect Strangers:

Nine very different people arrive at Tranquillum House, a mysterious wellness retreat that promises a total transformation. There, guests fall under the spell of the enigmatic Masha, who will do whatever it takes to heal them.”Says the official synopsis.

1. Cinderella:

It is the new Amazon exclusive movie and stars Camilla Cabello. Based on the Disney classic, this new version tells the story of a more current Cinderella in which, instead of living her life trapped as a princess, she decides to pursue her dreams.

Raya and the Last Dragon


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