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The weekend is approaching and we have prepared the five most outstanding news for you so that you are up to date with all the latest news. These are the most read topics on in the last seven days.

Ana Obregón sends a message to Alessandro Lequio at the presentation of his book:

‘Your granddaughter is waiting for you at home because you are her family’

The actress and presenter, Ana Obregón, has reappeared before a multitude of media after the birth of her little Ana Sandra. She sent a message to her ex-partner, Alessandro Lequio, during the presentation of his new book. Obregón expressed the importance of family and reminded Lequio of their granddaughter waiting for him at home.

Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel continue to deepen their relationship:

Their most romantic images in Paris, the City of Love

The businesswoman Paloma Cuevas and the “Sol de Mexico” Luis Miguel have been spotted hand in hand and very smiling in the streets of Paris, the City of Love. These images are unexpected, and many were surprised to see this display of affection from the couple.

Alejandro Sanz sends a message to Rachel Valdés after their breakup:

“Honey, you focus on your work”

The artist Alejandro Sanz has left the singer Rachel Valdés’s house in Madrid after their breakup. ⠀He has shared a message encouraging Valdés to focus on her work.

Hussein and Rajwa of Jordan’s new official wedding photos:

The details of a nostalgic tribute included

Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía are present in the memories of the royal wedding of Hussein and Rajwa of Jordan. The photos include a nostalgic tribute, and these memories of the royal wedding were a true royal summit.

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Fernando Hierro is going to be a father:

The former Real Madrid player announces that he is expecting his first child with Fani Stipkovic at the age of 55

Fernando Hierro, the former Real Madrid player, is based in Mexico and announced that he is expecting his first child with Fani Stipkovic. Hierro brings two older children, Álvaro and Claudia, to the relationship.

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