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Top 5 Highlights from Hellfest 2024

Top 5 Highlights from Hellfest 2024

Hellfest 2024, held in Clisson, France over the weekend, saw some major highlights that will be remembered by attendees for years to come.

The four-day festival featured headliners Avenged Sevenfold, Machine Head, Metallica, and Foo Fighters. The lineup also included Megadeth, Kerry King, The Offspring, Queens of the Stone Age, Corey Taylor, Babymetal, and many other renowned artists.

If you missed the event, here are some notable moments that stood out over the weekend.

Slaughter to Prevail Directed a Massive Wall of Death

Slaughter to Prevail made headlines by announcing on social media that they aimed to create the largest wall of death in history during their Thursday performance. While it’s uncertain if they officially achieved that goal, the crowd’s size was undeniably huge. Video clips of the moment quickly went viral on TikTok and other social media platforms, showcasing the sheer energy and intensity of the metalheads.

Check it out below.

††† (Crosses)’ Set Cut Short Due to Technical Issues

On June 30, ††† (Crosses) faced technical issues during their set, resulting in an unexpected halt. According to reports, including one from Hellfest’s official account on X (formerly Twitter), technicians later managed to resolve the problem, allowing the band to resume their performance. Unfortunately, by the time the issues were fixed, many fans had left, leading to ††† playing to a much smaller audience.

‘We also wanted to apologize for the technical problem which shortened Crosses’ set. We will do everything possible to see them again quickly on the festival poster,’ Hellfest’s post read (translated via X).

Fans on Reddit noted that the sound cut out three songs into their set, and it took around half an hour to fix.

Wolfgang Van Halen Covered a Van Halen Song With Mr. Bungle

Wolfgang Van Halen, who performed at Hellfest with his band Mammoth WVH, surprised the crowd on June 29 by joining Mr. Bungle for a cover of Van Halen’s “Loss of Control.” The original track is from Van Halen’s 1980 album Women and Children First. Wolfgang had also performed this cover with Mr. Bungle a few days earlier at Belgium’s Graspop Metal Meeting, demonstrating his continued tribute to his father’s legacy.

View a clip from this performance below.

Nile Play Set Without Karl Sanders

Fans noticed that Nile performed without their vocalist and guitarist Karl Sanders. Sanders was “seriously ill” and had been admitted to an emergency hospital in Belgium since the Graspop Metal Meeting. On social media, Sanders mentioned:

‘This is the first time in 19 years that I, personally, have not played a show due to illness, and it’s incredibly hard for me to disappoint you all.’ He asked fans to support his bandmates George Kollias, Dan Vadim Von, and Zach Jeter as they performed as a trio.

Although setlist details are unavailable, you can watch a clip from their performance below.

The Hellfest Organizers Created an App for Fans’ Health and Safety

Hellfest introduced a free app called Hellcare to ensure the health and safety of festivalgoers. This app featured geolocated reporting on festival grounds, allowing attendees to report instances of abuse, harassment, or other violations directly to onsite authorities. A Reddit user pointed out that the app even had an SOS button that sent a distress signal to nearby officers for immediate assistance.

In addition to emergency reporting, the Hellcare app provided resources on alcohol, drugs, sexuality, and hearing risks. It also offered psychological support for anyone who experienced distress during the festival. This initiative highlighted Hellfest’s commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

Without a doubt, Hellfest 2024 was packed with memorable moments and thoughtful innovations that enhanced the overall experience for music lovers.

Source: Loudwire