Top 5 Must-Read News of the Week You Can’t Miss

Top 5 Must-Read News of the Week You Can’t Miss

The Weekend Roundup: Top 5 News on

The weekend is approaching and we’ve got you covered with the five most outstanding news stories from Here are the most read topics over the last seven days:

Sofía’s Confirmation

Infanta Sofía affirmed her faith at the parish of the Asunción de Nuestra Señora, in Aravaca (Madrid). Her parents, sister, and three grandparents were there to support her on this special day as she confirmed her faith as a 16-year-old.

Princess Leonor’s Graduation

Princess Leonor graduated from a program designed to prepare the heiress to the Spanish throne for future public duties. Her family celebrated this momentous occasion with a unique pose, embracing one another on a day they won’t forget.

Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria

The controversial relationship between matador, Enrique Ponce, and law student, Ana Soria, has been the talk of the town. In a recent interview on TV show, ‘El Hormiguero’, Ana reveals how her relationship with Enrique grew ‘little by little’, and how the two have managed to navigate through their differences in therapy.

Tamara Falcó’s Wedding Dress Mystery

The aristocrat and television personality Tamara Falcó is set to get married soon, and she finally reveals the mystery behind her wedding dress. Tamara sought the help of Wes Gordon, Carolina Herrera’s creative director, to design her dress. ‘Sometimes, problems give rise to opportunities,’ she said in a recent interview.

Ana Obregón’s Motherhood Journey

Actress and TV presenter Ana Obregón celebrates the two-month mark of her daughter Ana Sandra’s life and uses this opportunity to post new images of the little girl. Ana Obregón shares some beautiful words dedicated to both her daughters, Alessandra and Ana Sandra.

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