Top 5: Smart outdoor surveillance camera with WiFi & battery

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Top 5: Smart outdoor surveillance camera with WiFi & battery

It’s annoying when the package left in the carport has disappeared or the garden chairs are missing. Anyone who wants to know what is happening on their property at any time needs a surveillance camera. Battery-operated cameras for outdoor use are particularly convenient: you don’t have to lay cables, setup and operation via app or voice assistant is easy, and the models we tested last for up to two years on one charge.

We tried a total of ten surveillance cameras in practice. All models are quick to assemble and set up, offer at least full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), night vision, connection via WLAN and integrated speakers and microphones. If you want to find out more about the details of the models, you will find an overview of the Outdoor cameras with rechargeable batteries.

In this article, we show which, in our opinion, are the best surveillance cameras with rechargeable batteries for outdoor use. We rated the cams according to the criteria of functionality including app, image quality, acquisition costs, follow-up costs (cloud subscription) and battery life. There are suitable apps for iPhone (iOS) and Android for all tested cameras; they are also waterproof and dustproof. The following models entered the race:

Two cameras from the manufacturer Anker make it to first place: The Eufycam 2 (test report) is simply good. It records with full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels). The viewing angle of 135 degrees ensures a wide field of vision. The camera saves recordings locally on the built-in, non-expandable 16 GByte memory card in the provided hub, which is set up in the house and connected with WLAN or network cable. That is enough for almost 200 recordings of 40 seconds each. The videos from the Eufy cameras show recordings with lots of detail even at night. If you also record sound, you will receive usable recordings with many details of the ambient noise around the camera. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts for up to a year; the exact time depends heavily on the place of use. The more often something happens, the more often it starts. In practice, it lasts well for a year with around four to six recordings a day. The Eufy system can optionally be connected to Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Home Kit. The only drawback: The Eufycam 2 cannot black out any image areas. Buyers therefore have to align the camera so that it does not film a public space. Sidewalks or the neighbor’s garden are taboo.

The whole thing has its price: The Eufycam 2 costs from 260 euros in a set of two with a base station. There are no follow-up costs for an expensive cloud subscription like the competitors Arlo or Blink. Accordingly, despite the high acquisition costs, the Eufycam 2 took first place.

Cheaper is less good? The two-piece set of the Eufycam 2c (test report) costs around 200 euros. But actually the smaller 2c only differs from the 2 in terms of battery size and shape. The Eufycam 2c comes in for six months with one battery charge and is therefore also number 1 on our list of the best. All other functions correspond to those of the Eufycam 2.

The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery (test report) takes second place on our list of the best. It films in full HD and has a viewing angle of 110 degrees. The battery lasts a good four months on one charge. That is significantly less than with the Eufycams or most of the other cameras in our test series. For this reason, Ring is the only manufacturer on our list of the best to offer the blackout of entire image areas. This means that the Stick Up Cam Battery can also be positioned where it is partly filming public property or other private property. We know from our own experience that this is important for evidence to the police. For example, if a recording shows the neighboring garden, the video cannot be used. In addition, WLAN is integrated in the ring camera, in contrast to all other models on this list of the best, you don’t need a gateway.

In terms of functionality, we rate the ring camera as very good. Core functions such as person recognition or night vision mode work perfectly. Nevertheless, we have two points of criticism: On the one hand, the camera’s integrated microphone is far too weak. You don’t hear enough and we noticed a permanent noise in the sound recording in the test. On the other hand, you have to pay for the use of all functions with Ring. At least 3 euros per month and device are here for the cloud subscription including recording for 30 days due – or 10 euros per month for an unlimited number of devices.

With 3840 x 2160 pixels, the Arlo Ultra 2 offers four times the resolution of Eufy cameras. The field of view is also significantly larger at 180 instead of 135 degrees. In addition, there are functions such as vehicle detection, the setting up of private zones and an integrated siren that makes for a lot of noise. The Eufycams and the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery cannot compete here. In addition to Alexa and Google Assistant, the Ultra 2 is also compatible with IFTTT and Smartthings. And the battery lasts a good six months on one charge.

Nevertheless, from our point of view, it is only enough for the very good Arlo Ultra 2 for 3rd place. Because the Achilles heel of the camera is the cost. The buyer pays at least 340 euros for an Ultra 2. In addition, users have to book an expensive cloud subscription in order to really be able to use all functions and a memory for the recordings. The provider charges 4 euros a month for a camera. You pay around 12 euros a month if you want to connect more than one camera. Blacking out image areas is also not possible with the Arlo Ultra 2.

The cameras from the Amazon brand Blink are inexpensive. The Blink Outdoor costs just around 110 euros. The three-pack is available for around 275 euros.

Technically, the Blink Outdoor has a lot to offer. The Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is completely sufficient for surveillance images, as is the 110 degree viewing angle. With two standard AA batteries, the camera has a running time of just under a year with four to six shots a day and is almost on par with the Eufycam 2. In standby or with two to three shots per day, the batteries last up to two years by.

When it comes to storing recordings, Blink offers a free alternative to the paid cloud subscription: If you don’t want to pay 3 euros a month for a camera or 10 euros for an unlimited number of cameras, you can plug a USB stick into the gateway provided as storage. However, the recordings stored there can only be viewed on a computer; the stick must therefore be plugged into the computer manually. If you want to access old videos on the go via the app, you have to pay for the cloud.

In addition, the actually very good Blink Outdoor has a few other catches. The camera is only compatible with the Amazon Echo voice assistant and smartphone apps for Android and iOS. Control via Google Assistant, Apple Homekit or IFTTT is not possible. Anyone who accesses this must be a fan of the Alexa ecosystem. This of course completely limits the use of the camera for IFTTT, Google Home or Apple Homekit. It is not possible to black out image areas. For us there is therefore only 4th place. Anyone who already uses the Amazon Echo will probably rate the Blink Outdoor differently; because in and of itself it is really good.

You pay between 50 and 75 euros for the Kami Wire Free (test report) from Yi. Like the Blink Outdoor, it offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, but has a larger viewing angle of 140 degrees.

Still, the Kami Wire Free is nowhere near as good as the other cameras on our leaderboard. The integrated loudspeaker in the cam is unusable due to its low volume. The camera also lasts for just a month on a single charge. It is not possible to restrict recording areas or to black out. In addition, the Kami app does not allow any connection to voice assistants from Amazon, Apple or Google. And if you want to use the full range of the camera, you have to pay a cloud subscription. At least 3 euros per month are due here.

Expensive cloud and many additional functions or pay once and live with fewer functions: Here is the line of outdoor surveillance cameras with battery. From our point of view, the Eufycam 2 (test report) and 2c (test report) are completely sufficient for cloud storage without any follow-up costs. They do what they are supposed to: monitor. In addition, both models can score with a decent battery life.

The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery (test report) should be bought if, for example, you are filming your driveway and have to hide the adjacent street. Because only the ring camera offers the blackout of image areas in our test environment.

Anyone who has already immersed themselves in the ecosystems of Arlo or Blink will also really enjoy the Arlo Ultra 2 or Blink Outdoor. Both products are very well thought out and offer some good additional functions.

Further cameras and details on the models presented here are available elsewhere in our overview of the Outdoor cameras with rechargeable batteries.

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