Top 5 Unique Party Venues for Your Next Birthday

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Most adults have birthday parties at home, at a restaurant or at a drinking venue, such as a bar, brewery or winery. Once you’ve attended or hosted a few of these, they can all blur together without much to distinguish them. Children’s birthday parties, on the other hand, have themes, colorful decor and are hosted at interesting venues. Why should the kids get to have all the fun? Here are our picks for the top five unique party venues for your next birthday. 


Having a birthday party at a casino can feel like a gala affair. Specify that you want your guests in their Rat Pack finest and get ready to hit the tables like Sinatra and the gang. If you don’t have a top-quality casino nearby to play at, the best online casinos can provide a similar gaming experience in an alternate venue.

You can provide guests with a few chips as a party favor to get things started. You could even set a theme that corresponds, such as a 1920s speakeasy or 1960s mod scene. If you’re hosting the party at home with online casino games on tablets or phones, you can also control the music and decor to give the party the perfect atmosphere.


A trip to the aquarium is pretty much always a magical experience. As adults, we generally have a harder time finding reasons to go — perhaps as a date or chaperoning a child’s school field trip — but rarely do we just enjoy the experience with friends. The shifting blue light of large aquarium tanks and the movement of the fish through the water is incredibly calming, perfectly suited to a laid-back escape from the real world.

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Since aquariums typically host a lot of events for schools or businesses, they have event spaces that are available for rent. The aquarium itself can be the theme on its own, or if you enjoy something a bit more creative, you could decorate for a Jacques Cousteau or mermaid-themed party.

You-pick farm experience

Spending some time working outside is a great way to work up an appetite for drinks and cake later. You-pick farm experiences are a unique venue and activity for a birthday party. If you’re not familiar with the concept, you-pick farms are smaller farms that allow visitors to pick as much produce as they would like and typically charge by volume or weight. The most common kinds are apple orchards, berry farms and pumpkin patches. 

Your options will vary depending on where you live and what time of year you’re hosting the party. Picking apples and pressing them into cider is a perfect fall or winter party. Foraging for wild mushrooms, an activity that has become very popular in recent years partly due to the rise of aesthetic TikToks, can be done year round in certain regions. 

Depending on the farm you’re at and the time of year, you may also have access to a picnic area or a barn. These make fun outdoor venues to relax with your friends while you eat the lovely fresh food you have picked.

National or state park

Camping might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you and your friends enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, then a birthday party held in one of our country’s amazing national or state parks is perfect. If you’re only spending a day, you can plan a hike or walk that matches your group’s skill level with a picnic lunch at the end. 

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If you’re able to get a group together for a whole weekend, group campsites are often available at large parks. You can hike or swim or go on nature walks during the day. At night, you can enjoy a campfire dinner and drinks. Make some s’mores and tell stories around the fire late into the night to capture the nostalgia of a summer camp night.


When you get to choose the subject, learning or doing something new can be a very fun and rewarding experience. There are lots of classes for adults and some are even designed for parties. Find a venue teaching something you’re curious about and go from there.

Cooking classes are a popular option. Many are offered at popular restaurants or upscale grocery stores. Art classes are another fun option. Paint-and-sip events with wine or cocktails have had a bit of a moment in recent years and paint-your-own pottery nights are a more unique alternative.

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