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Top 7 Gambling Movies to watch in 2021

The subject of gambling has occupied people for centuries. Fortunately, those who think the risk of gambling is too high, but still crave a variety of table games, uk slots not on gamstop, and clever strategies, can benefit from several movies dedicated to this topic.

Find out which blockbusters made the top 7 best gambling movies of all time in this article. Some of the things that were taken into consideration in making the selection were

You may already know some of these movies, but maybe you can find new ideas for your next movie night. Here’s a list of the 7 best gambling movies.

7 Sharks of the Big City

This 1961 classic is a black-and-white film that brings to the screen the suffering of playing for money. Fast Eddie, the main protagonist, played by Paul Newman, is a successful pool player. In the game of his life, he tries to defeat the national pool champion to clear a million-dollar prize. An absolute must for anyone who loves casino movies and playing for real money.

6 James Bond 007 – Casino Royale

If you are asked which movie character you associate with gambling, one name will certainly come to mind: James Bond. His love for baccarat should be known to everyone. In “Casino Royale”, the secret agent has to make use of both his lucky hand and his skills as a secret agent. In what is already the third feature film adaptation of Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel, Daniel Craig plays the lead role.

His mission is to make sure Le Chiffre doesn’t win back his stolen money at Texas Hold’em poker. The tournament escalates and Le Chiffre almost manages to eliminate 007 for good. In the end, Bond gets his act together – but will he manage to confront Le Chiffre and secure the money?

5 Rain Man

Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman in top form: When Charlie’s father dies, Charlie not only learns that he won’t inherit a cent of his fortune, but also that he has another brother, Raymond – an autistic man with an insular gift. It is precisely this gift that Charlie wants to take advantage of, as he has debts that he wanted to pay off with his inheritance.

During a trip together, he has the idea to use Raymond’s strong memory in the casino. By counting cards, the brothers win a bunch of money playing blackjack. Even though the two eventually come under suspicion of fraud, nothing can be proven against them and they are allowed to move on. In the meantime, Charlie has come to know and love his brother and his idiosyncrasies. So he even turns down a good offer of money out of love.

4 Cincinnati Kid

Eric Stoner, played by Steve McQueen, is called the Cincinnati Kid and is considered “The Next Best Thing” at the poker table. But then he faces a game with poker ace Howard. Everyone warns him against it, but Stoner wants to try his luck, convinced he can play Howard under the table. During the exciting game, cheating happens again and again in a New Orleans hotel – in bed as well as at the poker table. Stoner falls in love and eventually puts all his eggs in one basket – will his good hand be enough? Spectacular poker scenes are guaranteed with this classic, the emotions will overwhelm any player land or prestige spin casino review.

3 Molly’s Game – Everything on one card

Molly’s Game is one of the few casino movies in which women don’t just serve as pretty accessories, but become real gambling icons themselves. The young protagonist Molly, played by Jessica Chastain, lost everything when she suffered a serious injury during her career as a skier. She then goes to work in California for a gentleman who hosts poker games for elite high rollers and takes over behind his back.

Her buy-ins are immense and her clients are of the finest. When her boss fires her, Molly heads to New York, where she continues to expand the business idea. Drugs and members of the Mafia make her slip more and more into a shady scene, but the ruble rolls – until one day the FBI is at the door and a star lawyer has to take over Molly’s defense. Will that work out?

2 Ocean’s Eleven

The cast of the Ocean’s series is second to none, as this remake of the 1960 classic features a whole range of stars. After his release from prison, con man Danny Ocean plans a super coup: he wants to rob 160 million US dollars from the vault of the famous Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Together with his gang, he boots out the casino’s high-tech security system.

What makes this movie ingenious – warning, spoilers: The supposed theft takes place in a duplicate of the real vault and is on tape. It is only during the SWAT team’s operation that Ocean’s Eleven commits the theft. The perfect crime – will anyone be able to prove Danny and his entourage committed the heist?

1 21

Making it to No. 1 on our list of the 11 best gambling movies is the classic film starring Kevin Spacey that’s all about card counting. The smart math professor recruits the best of the best in college by solving tricky problems, which he then invites to a secret math club. There, the group learns everything there is to know about counting cards illegally in blackjack. On numerous visits to Las Vegas, the gang clears out and lives the sweet life of high rollers. But eventually, the security personnel of the gambling metropolis gets behind the scam.

If you love suspense and are interested in the illegal side of gambling, this is the film for you. Here, human abysses open up, all of which are based on greed for money. Psycho tricks provide suspense. The mixture of scams, turning points, and good actors are reason enough for us to top the list of casino movies with this successful film.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are many movies in which gambling is at the forefront. Brilliant casinos can be found not only in James Bond but also in other movies.

The focus of these movies is very different, so many movies are about calculated robberies, on the other hand, they are often about how the casino system is cheated. Of course, the controversial topic of gambling addiction is not forgotten!

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