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Top 7 RTS Games for Android in 2022


Playing games on mobile devices like a PC and android phone is one of the technological improvements the industry has ever experienced. People do not have to walk to entertainment houses to play their favorite games. With their android devices, they can play for real money or have fun from the comfort of their homes or anywhere at any time. The major thing is finding the best of the numerous options.

For instance, gamers interested in casinos can find research on mobile versions of top 10 instant payout casino sites, the best bonus package casino platforms, etc. This technological advancement is designed to give players the fun-filled experience they would when paying in casino houses. This is seen in the good reviews and ratings players give after playing the mobile versions. Also, two gamers can play video games simultaneously with the mobile versions. This brings this article to the idea about Real Time Strategy (RTS) games.

What are RTS Games All About?

Real-time strategy games exhibit simple mechanics that make players simultaneously progress in-game. Gamers must manage military and non-military units, building constructions, diplomacy, new technology, and resources to advance in games.

In RTS games, two different players are set to play against each other with toned-down diplomacy. This is unlike the approaches of other grand strategy games that emphasize diplomacy in military battles. In addition, the actions take place in real-time, favoring fast-paced gameplay. This makes the Real-time strategy a favorite genre for war gamers.

There are several real-time strategy sites. Players can always do their research to get the best RTS mobile games that suit them. In particular, they can find the best strategy games on Android devices. Real time games android gives gamers who do not have iPhones a fun-filled gaming experience even with their available android phones. The details of the top 7 best real-time strategy games that people can try are given below.


Northgard is based on the mythology of the Norse. In this game, players control a clan of fighting Vikings. These fighting Vikings strive for who will gain control of a newly found continent that is mysterious. The continent is a land that is filled with mysteries. Many brave kings (fighters) compete for who gains ownership and control of the land.

Northgard is one of the best RTS games 2022. Gamers must properly choose their tactics or strategies as they construct their settlements or buildings in the newly found land. 

Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings is one of the best strategy games Android operated, which is filled with actions. This makes it a great option for gamers that enjoy playing fight games. The game entails battles and nice clashes, and gamers enjoy other epic features.

The Clash of Kings was released seven years ago. In celebration of its anniversary, the platform introduced many new features that players would find interesting. One of these features is the facelift that comes with a new castle skin. Gamers get to receive and enjoy this feature when they log in.

Clash of Clans

In Clash of Clans, the gamer is the chief of his village. It starts with the player building a village for himself. After the settlements, the player recruits an army of globins, dragons, and wizards. People can play against other gamers from around the globe in clans of wars.

Clash of Clans also features clan war leagues where players play with others from different locations. This helps to improve their playing skills. The game has magic items with value. Players get to earn these valuable items as they play. Clash of Clans is not always about completion. Gamers can ally to win more valuable items.


The idea behind this game is to grow the civilization of players. DomiNation leads gamers through human history from the old to the modern period. In DomiNations, gamers build and design their towns and choose how they want to lead their subjects. Players can play against themselves from across the globe.

Gamers carefully and strategically construct their settlements and train an army that can help manage their towns against other gamers. They play against each other, and the best gamer conquers the others through combat. Players can also discover new technologies to help them improve their settlements and towns.

Throne Rush

Throne Rush features different unique continents for players to battle in and explore. It has many resources that players use and explore to protect their settlements against other players. Throne rush has 18 great mercenaries, players can crank until the squad becomes invincible. The quest is always fun-filled. It is difficult for players to get bored playing throne rush. A gamer can either compete against or form alliances with other players. The competition against others from different locations is always exciting.

Mini Warriors

Mini Warrior has been improved to offer premium pleasure to customers. In the new Mini Warriors, players have a new 3D battlefield that awaits them to be explored. The game has 60 new heroes that players can try out and use against other gamers. The new land is much larger than the old one, so players have a bigger battlefield to conquer. The new version features 360 panoramic views, so gamers will not have to put their devices down.

Empires and Allies

Empires and Allies allow gamers to form alliances with friends to battle against enemies. A gamer can also train his army to fight other places from across the globe. There are many weapons that players can explore in battles. It also features massive heroes with unique mechanics. This helps players to dominate their battlefield or control the globe.


Real-time strategy games for android devices are a nice technological advancement in the gaming industry. It allows players to simultaneously in real-time. Each player explores resources and units to control and secure their settlements against intruders. RTS platforms feature games with varying degrees of action and battles. People are sure to get premium pleasure from playing RTS games.

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