Top Bitcoin Wallet App: Trustee Wallet Review 

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The best bitcoin wallet must have two key features: user anonymity and safe embedded exchange of fiat money for bitcoin.

Of all the bitcoin wallet apps on the market, most lack one feature or the other. Ultimately, when a given app looks like a perfect match, it turns out that their customer support is totally absent or that the development stopped years ago. This is not the case with Trustee Wallet. It matches users’ expectations, adds new features and minor improvements every season, considers feedback, and just stays ahead of the curve.

Let us justify the importance of the two aforementioned features.

Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

Blockchain blends well with Web 3.0 technologies, and, as such, it must comply with the standards of decentralization, privacy, and performance among the others. The particular importance of privacy is necessitated by the increased influence of corporations: they collect user data without limitations, rarely disclose what exactly is being collected or share the purpose of data collection and processing.

Does Trustee Wallet stand for the values of free Internet? As the best anonymous bitcoin wallet, it surely does. There is a solid, easily noticeable proof for that: as you download the app for iOS or Android on the respective store, you are displayed the notification about the required access permissions. Trustee’s permission requirements never breach your personal boundaries.

The case with this anonymous bitcoin wallet is, you don’t have to pass a formal account creation process that involves email verification, obligatory phone number disclosure, or similar practices. It makes Trustee so much better than any conventional mainstream exchange that forces users to login, for example, via FaceID, leaving them without choice.

All of this does not come at the expense of the broad choice of tradable coins. Trustee anonymous bitcoin wallet app is not restricted exclusively to one coin. It supports more than twenty chains and a virtually unlimited number of tokens. Neither you have to sacrifice various decentralized finance earning options with this anonymous bitcoin wallet app.

Buy Bitcoin Online with Trustee Wallet

If other notable wallet apps (like Exodus) do not allow you to trade fiat money for cryptocurrencies, Trustee gives a privilege to buy bitcoin with a credit card any time, comfortably using your device.

The good news is, Trustee’s user interface does not make one feel helpless and desperate for explanations. Every major element is laid out on the main screen: the asset overview (including NFTs on different chains), coin swap, referral earnings, and customer support.

The ability to buy bitcoin with a credit card is great in itself but Trustee gives a considerable enhancement. It displays a number of integrated exchanges, compares the fees that your deal entails, and puts the best deal first on the list. As a result, you spend less every time you buy cryptocurrency and receive more every time you sell.

It is super-easy to buy BTC with a credit card. If you haven’t checked out the guide available through the link above, give it a look.

Besides, as we already mentioned, Trustee Wallet not only allows you to buy bitcoin online, it hosts every pair of assets that is available through the supported exchanges.

Why You Need to Choose Trustee Wallet – Best Bitcoin Wallet App

The referral program Trustee offers is something very uncommon in the domain of cryptocurrency wallets: it brings a user profits from the cryptocurrencies purchases carried out by their referrals, and the referrals of referrals. The program is three-levels deep, which means that recommending the app can make up a solid income for someone with a sizable and active audience. The cashback program is another way to earn (or save) money using the app. To stake particular coins and make even more passive income, one doesn’t have to use external services; yet, for ultimate flexibility, Trustee can link with decentralized finance services online via WalletConnect.

Finally, you might want to choose Trustee Wallet for the sheer rate of improvement that becomes evident as soon as you start using it. A batch of new coins gets added every season, brand new features and quality of life updates roll out so often that one may pleasantly surprise you right after you casually reload the app.

Earn passive income, easily navigate in the world of crypto regardless of the prior experience, and support decentralized finance for the common good!

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