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Top Coin Master Statistics and Facts

Coin Master Free Spins

Coin Master, the mobile single-player game from Studio Moon Active, has become one of the year’s highest-grossing games. As per statista, this game made headlines with its revenue of $70.49 million in August 2022, making its total revenue more than 100 million worldwide. Since its release in 2016, the game has grossed worldwide popularity and already has more than 3 billion users in the US only.

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A simple game for earning coins and progressing through levels to face challenges and win exciting rewards seems an excellent choice for anyone who loves to play games! So, are you interested to know more? We are here to inform you about some interesting stats and facts on coin master games. So, get ready to go on a “continuing journey”!

Coin Master game-play

The game of coin master is pretty simple. Even though the game is primarily single-player, some multiplayer modes are also available. The game is an adventure game but also draws inspiration from mobile casino games.

In this game players need to win more coins by different methods including spinning wheels., attacking other players’ villages etc. Each player starts with a small village under their control with basic amenities. They can upgrade their village and expand the boundaries with their collected coins by attacking and taking over other villages. This way, they can move forward in the game. Interestingly, a player can also protect their village by using their pet rhino, as the rhino is a powerful pet and can fend off nearly 70% of attacks.

Each village has a complete economic set-up with houses, farms, pet animals, transportation systems, and natural resources. Gathering coins gives you more options to choose from to increase the village’s prosperity.

As you download the game, you will be welcomed by the game guide, who is a cute pig. The pig will offer you a concise your of the game’s different functions.

A player can also earn free coins through daily quests and daily free spins. You can also raise pets and obtain new pets with your collected coins and increase their experience points or XP points. You can earn exciting rewards with the chests and daily rewards as well.

This game is available for free of cost, and players can easily install and register their using their Facebook ID or email details. Although the game does not require any money, players can buy additional coins and items from the game store with their real money through a play store account.

Top interesting facts and stats about coin master

The game seems pretty exciting, right? We have found numerous interesting facts and statistics related to the Coin master game facts and statistics.

  1. 69.2% of players are female

One of the most exciting coin master game facts and statistics is its massive popularity among women. Currently, the game has nearly 69.82% of female players and 30.8% of male players. This game is hugely popular among male and female players aged 35-50. Nearly 305 of the registered female players and 11% of the male players are in their 40s and regularly play the game.

  1. The game has a PEGI 18+ rating

Do you know that the Coin master game has a PEGI 18+ rating? The game is inspired by casino games and is described as a game intended for players above 17 years of age. According to Google Play policies, this game falls in both casual gaming and casino categories. It comes with a machine spinning or slot machine for winning rewards. Players may need to spend money to earn more slots to spin and win rewards! So, it can be considered a casual game with a casino undertone!

  1.  Coin Master has been downloaded more than 194.8 million times now.

Till now, the game has more than 100 million downloads. In July 2021, Con Master by Studio Moon made history with a total download count of 194.8 million. The game grew in popularity during the pandemic era and continues to be popular. Pretty interesting!

  1.  It is the fifth highest downloaded game in the world

The popularity of Coin Master is evident from the huge download count. In rank, this is the fifth most downloaded game. In 2020, this game was the fourth most downloaded game in the US on PlayStore. On top of that, Coin Master is the 24th most downloaded game on the IOS platform. As presented, Coin Master is the fourth most downloaded game on the IOS platform in the US and the rest of the world. While 20.3% of players are from the US with 39.5 million downloads, India comes second with a 30.7 million download count, and 15.8% of the wheel download count. Next comes Brazil, which contributes 20.2 million installs(10.4%).In 2019, this game will become very popular in India, and nearly 26 million people from India have downloaded it.

  1. Coin master has been one of the highest grossing games in revenues

Coin Master is riding high among the players with its designs and unique game-play strategies. As per Statista, this game made revenues of USD 70.49 million in the world till August 2022. The game may also gain 3 billion dollars from the US alone!

From January 2020 to January 2021, the game earned $108 million worldwide from its users through their paid purchases. On average, the game earned $1095882 per day. For such a simple game, it is quite an extraordinary feat! It seems that even during the war of hi-tech strategic games, people love a simple game like Coin Master!

  1. Coin Master is famous on social media platforms

Coin Master is also famous on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Its official Insta account has more than 6.9 million followers. The Insta account is active and has a daily post count of 900+ with multiple highlights. Coin Master’s Twitter account currently has 1.1 million flowers with more than 5000 tweets.

But, the game has not got enough coverage on the gamers’ streaming platform Twitch, with a ranking of 9239. The game’s design and target audience probably cause this unpopularity! Most players are casual players who are not well acquainted with Twitch. On top of that, this game is also not ideal for streaming!

  1.  100+ celebrities are its brand ambassadors

One of the most exciting coin master facts and statistics is its number of brand ambassadors. The game often releases funny and cute advertisements with celebrities.

All Coin Master ads with celebrities

Till now, more than 100 celebrities, especially celebs from Hollywood and global scale, have participated in the promotional campaign of Coin Master! The appearance of celebrities has also allowed this game to gain popularity among players. Some of the celebrities who have appeared in the ads of coin master are-

  1. This game has a total of 432 levels

As of official updates, the Coin Master game has 452 levels. As the player proceeds through the game, the levels become harder with more challenges and obstacles!

  1. The game has more than 300 villages.

The Coin Master game has 324 villages, as per its latest updates. As you progress through the game and collect coins, you can upgrade your village and transform it into a higher-level village with your money. The first village is named “Village of Vikings”, which requires 3.1 million coins. The highest village till now is the “Sweet Shop” Village. Its cost is still unknown. The 402nd village, “The Bonsai Display”, village requires a cost of 34.2 trillion coins.

Coin Master famous Villages
  1. The game has an international ranking system

The coin Master game is very popular. Its unique feature is the leader board which ranks all the players as per their current score and progress. As per the leader board, a user named “h3lios666” has the first ranking. Followed by the first runner-up user “Omnibincitamor69” and the second runner-up “render”


As you can see, this game is pretty exciting for anyone who wants to play a strategic game but does not want to bother with advanced game planning! The game itself is one of the most popular games. Hence, it is clear that Coin Master will have a bright future ahead! So, why are you waiting? Try your luck with your village and build yourself a kingdom now in Coin Mater! We wish you the best of luck!

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