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Top Elevated Horror Movies

Top Elevated Horror Movies

If you’ve been tuned into discussions about horror over the past decade, you’ve likely encountered the term “elevated horror.” Furthermore, you might have also come across debates regarding its legitimacy as a genre, the fairness of separating certain horror films into a distinct category, and whether elevated horror movies genuinely deliver scares or are merely “weird.” So, what exactly does it mean for a horror film to be classified as elevated?

Essentially, “elevated horror” is a modern evolution of the “art horror” movies from the ’60s and ’70s—films that were not only visually captivating and thematically rich but also genuinely frightening. The “elevated” aspect suggests that there’s an additional layer beyond the traditional elements of blood, demon possessions, boogeymen, or vampires. One could argue that all horror movies have deeper layers upon closer inspection, often touching on themes of trauma. Nevertheless, elevated horror is the term we now use to describe films that clearly exhibit more complexity.

So, what qualifies as elevated horror? It’s largely a “you know it when you see it” kind of classification. However, over the past ten years, a canon has emerged for those interested in exploring this unofficial subgenre. It’s dominated by directors like Ari Aster, David Robert Mitchell, and Jordan Peele. These modern filmmakers have revitalized the horror genre through explorations of family dynamics, race, class, and sexuality. Yet, the roster also includes veteran directors who have blended their indie sensibilities with horror elements to craft films that stand out from conventional slashers. While these movies aren’t necessarily superior to other horror films, they offer an intriguing glimpse into new methods of evoking fear.

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