Top insider claims PUBG will become a free game in the future if players respond well to a promotion

The competition in the battle royale genre is truly fierce. And even though PUBG is actually one of the oldest titles in that category, needs to change and evolve, like everyone. The fact is that, judging by the words of a well-known insider, the title of Bluehole Studio could end up becoming a free to play in the future.

When? Not too late, it seems. How? As long as players respond positively to a promotion which will take place next August. Keep reading and we tell you all the details about.

The information, which has been echoed by the medium Wccftech, has been leaked by PUBG insider, PlayerMRT. And as you can see in the tweet above, the game could end up being totally free. According to the insider, his developers “They are going to track player responses in an F2P week that will happen next month.”.

As to the reasons Bluehole Studio could have behind this movement, the insider comments that we must have “note that PUBG originally wanted to move to F2P in 2019; but they didn’t get the response from the player they wanted in the quiz F2P of 2019. “. In short, it would be a new opportunity to probe the market. Only this time, if it’s true, we are advised in advance.

While we wait to see what happens, we remind you that at the beginning of this month of July, PUBG received a completely new map: Taego. This one features exclusive second chance mechanics and other exciting new features. Also, recently we have known that The game will have an animated series that will feature the producer of the Netflix series Castlevania.

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