12 Best Late Night TV Hosts

Late-night comedies and shows constitute a fundamental part of television. Many hosts have enjoyed their celebrated careers while putting their audience in splits with their funny jokes and larks. These hosts mix humor and comedic wit with their seamless hosting abilities and great interview skills.

The competition for late-night TV hosts has become friendlier than ever. Some hosts have become full-fledged brands, and others have tried to hold on to the light while creating an identity for themselves. All in all, these hosts want one thing: to entertain their audience to the fullest.

Know these 12 Best Late Night TV Shows

If you constantly keep up with the late-night shows, you know these names on the list. Here are the top late-night TV hosts you will never get bored of.

David Letterman

David Letterman is often touted as the king of late-night TV shows for the right reasons. This stalwart doesn’t need an introduction. His Late Night with David Letterman is still remembered for its funny comic instance.

He followed the footsteps of his mentor, Jonny Carson, and made it big on the screen. He is ironic, bold, and blessed with a mocking sense of humor. His manner is eccentric. These qualities have already made millions of people fall in love with him.

Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah replaced an icon like Jon Stewart in The Daily Show in 2015. At that time, he was not well-known to the American audience. But things have changed, and how! Today, this gentleman happens to be one of the most celebrated TV hosts of late-night shows.

His hard work and gifted sense of humor made him a powerful voice. He spoke from the outsider’s view as someone from the other side of the world. His comedic punches are worth the hype.

James Corden

The Brit introduced his flavor of comedy to the American audience in 2015 when he replaced the long-time host, Craig Ferguson. Today, this man is one of the most well-known late-night TV show hosts.

What makes James Corden immensely popular among the audience are his Carpool Karaoke segments! This part sees him driving around town signing with the top singers worldwide. They are innovative and full of entertainment. James Corden is a big-time audience-pleaser.

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Stephen Colbert

Many people find late-night TV shows very similar to each other. However, there is one host who dared to make a difference. Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report was very different from The Late Show. That being said, both of them have been brilliant.

Stephen Colbert is known for never breaking his character. He is outrageous in performing and delivering hilarious comedy. His insightful information is something you will not see anywhere else. His show became prevalent as a comedy program, and many would watch it late at night.

Jimmy Fallon

The entry of Jimmy Fallon as the host of The Late Show was incredible. The host was on fire. His hilarious charm and grinning face were enough to grab the audience’s attention. While many predicted Fallon to fail, he went on and proved his critics wrong.

“I’m meant to make people happy. That’s my job,” says Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

His show ran for five years. It was notably different from other shows as it was full of fun with music, dance, games, and whatnot! Jimmy Fallon has boundless energy, and his screen presence is unmatchable. You will fall in love with his comic appeal, we promise.

Joan Rivers

The lady became a household name as a guest on Tonight Show, having a feat on its own. She created history by becoming the first female late show host in 1986. Fox’s The Late Show with Joan Rivers debuted on the TV screen.

As the channel was struggling at that time, the show’s ratings were abysmal. Unfortunately, she and her producer husband were soon sacked and replaced by others. Joan hosted a couple of other series. Her short career as a late-night TV host helped her gain a fair amount of fan following.

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Bill Maher

Love him or hate him; you cannot ignore him. Bill Maher spews sarcasm and is undoubtedly the king of opinionated late-night. His show, Politically Incorrect, has been long run. Maher would mix politics with comedy and entertain his audience while giving them a dose of political information.

Soon the host jumped from broadcast TV to HBO and carried out more pointed discussions in his other show, Real Time with Bill Maher. He remains a poignant as ever host. This attitude gathered him a massive fan following.

Seth Meyers

Seth is a former Saturday Night Live Cast member who succeeded Fallon in 2014. His years of co-hosting Weekend Update with Tina Fey prepared him well for the world of late night. The show may have spluttered at first, but gradually it became one of the most famous late-night shows.

In his show, Seth picks a subject fresh in the news and spends the first fifteen minutes dissecting the same. He is at his best, tapping into what made him successful on his previous show. The host is also known for his crazy interview skills. With every guest he invites on his show, Seth ensures to create an interesting conversation.

Arsenio Hall

Who doesn’t know The Arsenio Hall Show? It ran brilliantly from 1989 to 1994 and was reprised from 2013 to 2014. Despite its short runs, Hall managed to entertain his fans and gathered their love and accolades. He produced many memorable moments on his show, including the saxophone-playing appearance of Bill Clinton in 1992.

His show was popular and hilarious. The audience would reach to the top of their voices to cheer for their host. The show was unique in its essence and had a great appeal, especially among the younger audience. Arsenio Hall surely made an indelible mark on pop culture.

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Chelsea Handler

The second female on the list, Chelsea Handler is one of the best late-night TV hosts to watch out for. She began E!’s Chelsea Lately in 2007 and impressed the audience with her charismatic personality and screen presence.

Her fans call Chelsea an instant firecracker who mixes pop culture and lewdness with a revolving door of promising new comedians and performers beyond her celebrity guests. She was also seen in a Netflix-exclusive series, Chelsea.

Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson is a stand-up comic and actor, who wasn’t necessarily the most certain choice to take over The Late Late Show following Craig Kilborn’s departure. However, when he debuted, he quickly made the show his own.

His jokes and silliness stole the heart of all his audience at once. Ferguson, on screen, was a master storyteller. He often worked more serious subject matter into his interviews and segments to accompany the product plugging. Sadly, his presence on the show ended after it was landed by Stephen Colbert.

Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson meant everything to the world of late-night hosting. He serves as a clear connection between the early years of the format and the revolving modern area. He hosted The Tonight Show from 1962 to 1992. Carson was often looked upon as a towering benchmark for many future hosts.

Carson impressed all the situations on the show with his wit and charming personality and influenced the masses. He inspired everyone who wanted to sit behind a talk show desk, late at night or any time of the day.

Who is your favorite late-night TV host?

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