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Top Movies, TV Shows, and Music Picks for July

Top Movies, TV Shows, and Music Picks for July
Maika Monroe in “Longlegs” NEON

Culture Hound dives into this month’s cultural happenings, focusing on major releases and events that are making waves.

In pursuit of a serial killer named Longlegs, an FBI agent, played by Maika Monroe, uncovers a series of occult clues that she must solve to end his killing spree. Featuring Nicolas Cage, the movie “Longlegs” is already getting “Horror Film of the Year” nods. The film stands out not just for its plot but also for its marketing campaign, which has included everything from secret codes in newspapers to a phone number where you can hear Cage acting creepy. (7/12, theaters)

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of “Jaws,” and in celebration, a documentary directed by Laurent Bouzereau, a Spielberg documentarian, will cover both the making of the film and Peter Benchley’s novel.

Acclaimed musician Sturgill Simpson has a new alter ego: Johnny Blue Skies. Under this persona, he’s releasing a new album titled “Passage du Desir.” No singles or advance music have been released yet, but Simpson promises to play songs from all his albums and alter egos, likely sticking to his alt-country roots unless he decides on another unexpected collaboration, like his previous work with Diplo. (7/12)

Who would have thought that a continuation of “The Karate Kid” movies, including the often-criticized second and third films, would become one of the most enjoyable shows on TV? “Cobra Kai” is an engaging mix of karate and soap opera. Despite some logical inconsistencies (most characters should be in jail for assault), its campy tone and nostalgic elements make it incredibly compelling. After binge-watching the first five seasons, fans will have to deal with Netflix breaking up the final season into three parts. One request from viewers: bring back Terry Silver! (7/18, Netflix)
The cast of the remake of “Time Bandits” Apple

No one may have been clamoring for a remake or sequel of Terry Gilliam’s 1981 cult fantasy/comedy “Time Bandits,” but Apple TV’s version is shaping up to be promising. The show follows a ragtag group of thieves travelling through time and space to save the universe and their 11-year-old companion’s parents. Helmed by Jemaine Clement (“Flight of the Conchords”), Iain Morris (“The Inbetweeners”), and Taika Waititi (“Our Flag Means Death”), the project promises quality. (7/24, Apple TV+)

Building on the success of its “Quarterback” series, Netflix is returning with a new docuseries featuring the NFL from the perspective of some of the league’s best pass catchers, including Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson, and George Kittle. (7/10, Netflix)

Source: InsideHook