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Top TikTok Videos Capturing Hurricane Beryl’s Fury in Texas

Mother Nature is certainly no joke, especially with the recent arrival of Hurricane Beryl, which wreaked havoc across multiple states with its relentless rain and fierce winds. Among the affected states, Texas bore the brunt, particularly in the Houston area where wind speeds reached a daunting 84 miles per hour, as reported by USA Today.

Yesterday saw the storm diminish in strength, downgraded to a tropical storm, though it continued to pose significant threats. The aftermath left millions of Texans without power, a situation that power crews are working hard to rectify in the coming days.

The storm’s ferocity was tragically underscored by reports of at least two fatalities. Initially classified as a Category 1 storm when it made landfall, the heavy rainfall it brought caused severe flooding, making driving conditions perilous and endangering many lives.

As the storm surged through Texas, many residents took to social media to share their harrowing experiences. This resulted in a plethora of videos highlighting the storm’s intensity and the extensive damage it caused. These videos give a vivid account of the situation, allowing a broader audience to grasp the scale of Beryl’s impact.

Here are some of the most compelling videos capturing the devastation wrought by Hurricane Beryl:

@cbsmornings Hurricane Beryl is slowing down as it moves across Texas, which means areas like Houston and Galveston Island will see hours of heavy rain, hurricane-force winds and several feet of storm surge. #hurricane #beryl #hurricaneberyl #texas #storm ♬ original sound – CBS Mornings
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@olebabyblue83 @Buc-Ee’s #pearland#hurricane#hurricaneberyl#Beryl♬ original sound – Platinum Films

These videos serve as a powerful reminder of nature’s might. For those impacted by the storm, we hope relief arrives swiftly. Take a look at the footage that shows just how critical the situation was in Texas during Hurricane Beryl.

Source: USA Today