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Top TV Network Names Montana’s ‘Most Charming Small Town’

Who could better judge charm than the network that has blessed us with shows like “House Hunters,” “Love It or List It,” and “Property Brothers”?

Charming may not be the first word you think of when describing places in Montana. More often, Montana is described as rustic or scenic. However, if we define “charming” as something “pleasant or attractive,” Montana’s charm quotient has certainly been on the rise recently.

While there are several Montana towns that could be nominated for this honor—Bigfork, Anaconda, and Lewistown, to name a few—HGTV’s pick for Montana makes a lot of sense. The town offers so much of what people love about Montana. There’s incredible access to the outdoors, including nearby Glacier National Park, a small-town feel, and, as Peter Christian claims, a restaurant that serves the best breakfast in the state.

HGTV has named Whitefish as the “most charming small town” in Montana.

It’s a worthy choice. In their nomination, HGTV notes that “National Geographic once named Whitefish, Montana, one of the ‘Top 25 Ski Towns in the World.'” Personally, I’d say the town earns its charm simply for its train station.

HGTV also named Wallace, Idaho, as one of America’s most charming small towns, a decision I fully endorse. I haven’t had a better bacon and cheddar omelet than the ones I used to enjoy in Wallace during road trips. The bike trails there are also fantastic.

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