Top US Cities with the Fastest Internet Speed

By: Dan Cooper

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Where to Surf the Internet Better in the US?

The United States is ranked as the seventh fastest broadband speed country in the Ookla Global Index. However, there are cities that exceed the national average. Let’s find out which cities in the US have the best internet speed.

Speedtest Global Index

The Speedtest Global Index ranks the average internet download speeds in almost 200 cities worldwide. Beijing, China tops the list with 238.86 Mbps as the fastest city for fixed broadband in September 2022. The city of Valparaíso in Chile follows with a speed of 222.75 Mbps. The list considers two cities per country with over 500,000 inhabitants.

Cities with Best Internet Speed in the US

As of April 2023, the United States is in the seventh position worldwide with an average internet speed of 202.22 Mbps in fixed connections, according to Ookla. The speed of the internet in the US varies from city to city. Here are the two US cities with the best internet broadband, according to Ookla:

  • New York: It is the city with the fastest internet in the country, ranking number four worldwide with an average speed of 218.04 Mbps.
  • Los Angeles: The second city in the west of the US, in California, has an average speed of 184.15 Mbps, placing it 11th in the world.

Average Internet Speed in the World

The average internet speed in the world is 71.74 Mbps, according to Ookla’s latest ranking in April 2023. The US, especially cities like New York and Los Angeles, boasts quality and speed in internet connection, surpassing other regions in the world.

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