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Tori Spelling Admits Weight Loss Drug Use, Flaunts Neon Bikini

Tori Spelling is showing off her incredible figure in a neon bikini after admitting to using weight loss drugs. What drug did she take, when did she use it, and how does she look now? Let’s dive into the details of Tori’s stunning transformation.

Throughout her career, Tori Spelling has always maintained a slim physique. Despite carrying five babies, she still managed to look fabulous. However, during her last pregnancy with her son Beau, now 7, she needed a little extra help. In April 2024, Tori revealed on her podcast, misSPELLING, that she used Ozempic and Mounjaro to shed her postpartum weight. She explained that she didn’t face this issue with her previous pregnancies. But having Beau in her forties made the weight loss more challenging according to her doctor.

Tori mentioned that she usually weighed around 120 pounds most of her life. After Beau, she hit 160 pounds. Initially, she tried Ozempic, but it didn’t yield the desired results. She then switched to Mounjaro. She expressed no shame in her actions, acknowledging the increased normalization of such methods in 2024 compared to when Beau was born in 2017:

“I don’t feel ashamed saying that. I couldn’t lose the baby weight.”

According to Page Six, Tori Spelling and celebrity hairdresser Laura Rugetti recently hit the beach. Tori flaunted her trim frame in a string triangle neon green bikini, turning heads and garnering praise for her stunning appearance.

Fans quickly took to social media to compliment her figure. Comments ranged from, “Congrats to her! The ones who say they lost all the weight because they stopped drinking are the funniest, haha,” to “Looks pretty damn good after having all those kids.” However, some skeptics questioned how she could afford the medication despite previously claiming financial struggles.

Despite the praise, there are concerns from fans that Tori might be too thin. Frequent appearances in crop tops and low-rise jeans have led some to remark she’s “scary thin.” Comments on her social media include:

  • “I just don’t understand why people think she’s beautiful! She looks like a chain smoker and a big-time drinker.”
  • “Sweetie you need to eat a sandwich or something..”
  • “You look gaunt”

Others, however, believe she looks as good as she did during her Beverly Hills, 90210 days. Nonetheless, Tori exudes a high level of confidence in herself, which is ultimately what matters most.

What do you think of Tori Spelling’s bikini body? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Page Six