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Tourism companies lead pending UK stock market rallies

The tourist companies They lead this morning the rises of the Spanish Stock Market waiting for United Kingdom announce this Friday the new rules for international travel to and from the country, which may include the suppression of covid-19 tests and a simplification of the way in which countries are classified according to the level of risk. IAG and Amadeus appreciate more than 3%.

Specifically, the shares of the airline holding company rebounded by 3.88%, the highest rise in the Ibex 35 this Friday, and stood at 1.73 euros. Next, Amadeus it adds up to 3.83% and reaches 53.6 euros per title. Meliá it revalues ​​2.65%, at 5.89 euros, and registers the fifth largest rise in the national index.

It is expected that the government of Boris Johnson modify the current traffic light system in which the countries are cataloged – red (high risk), amber (intermediate) and green (low). Of course, the changes that the Executive decides will affect England, since the other British regions – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – establish their own rules on travel.

Passengers from countries in red are required to serve a 10-day quarantine in a government-assigned hotel and pay for accommodation, as well as test de coronavirus before and after entering England.

In the case of countries in amber and green, the authorities require an antigen test before traveling, which must be negative in order to board, and a PCR on the second day of arrival, both for those who have the complete vaccination schedule and those who do not.

Those who are not vaccinated and enter England from a country in amber are also required to quarantine, as well as have a second PCR on the eighth day of arrival. The Government can remove the requirement for these tests, which are very expensive in the UK, and replace them with an antigen test, simpler and more affordable.

In the Spanish Stock Exchange, eDreams ODIGEO it revalues ​​3.97% and is listed at 3.97 euros; while the only tourist company that registers declines is NH, which remains 0.44%.

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