TPM: what is the Trusted Platform Module and how to know if my PC has it to install Windows 11

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There are many who want to make the leap to Windows 11. It is about modernizing the Microsoft operating system after many years, but your computer may not have everything you need to install it. It may sound crazy, but it all has to do with something lcalled TPM or Trusted Platform Module that has to do with a chip that your machine has.

What is the TPM

Let’s go by parts. The first thing is to catch up on what the RPM. It is an acronym that in Spanish means Trusted Platform Module. As you can imagine, it is a module that takes care of the security part of your computer. Specifically, it is in charge of crypto processing, a feature that stores data securely on your computer.

The question you can ask yourself is whether this chip is included in computer motherboards and the answer is that it is only found in some. In fact, eThis device is installed but not active, so it is the user’s task to start it or buy it separately if they do not have it. Another thing that makes it very special is that it stores the passwords of your device and only communicates with a single component: the processor, which is what gives access to this chip from the rest of the components of the machine.

Why is it so important for Windows 11?

This is the one million question: why the TPM is so important to Windows 11. And the answer is very simple now that you know the characteristics of the chip, which is none other than security. But there is one thing you should know and that is that it not only works with having the chip installed and active on the motherboard but also must be compatible with the TPM 2.0 protocol, a feature that has been used since 2016 in Windows Server. Now this feature reaches computers and for many it is the key to installing Windows 11.

Does my PC have TPM?

To find out if your machine has TPM, an essential requirement to install Windows 11, you must follow the following steps:

  • Press the Windows + R button
  • Run the command tpm.msc and accept
  • If you have TPM, a window will appear with all the information


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