Trade association: 2G rule will give e-commerce an additional boost

The German Retail Association (HDE) expects the introduction of the 2G rule in large parts of brick-and-mortar retail to give online retail an additional boost. “There will certainly be further shifts in sales towards online trading,” predicted an HDE spokesman on Friday in Berlin. This will probably already be visible on the second weekend of Advent.

That consumers are spending less money on Christmas gifts than previously planned because of the worsening corona crisis, the trade association expects but not. The HDE is sticking to its forecast that sales in the Christmas business this year will increase by 2 percent to 112 billion euros, the spokesman said.

The trade association Textile Shoes and Leather Goods (BTE) meanwhile called for pragmatic solutions for the 2G controls so that the dealers would not be overwhelmed. “Central, joint tests with, for example, access straps, as they are already practiced at Christmas markets or in shopping centers,” said BTE General Manager Rolf Pangels, are conceivable. This eliminates the need for multiple checks that are expensive for retailers and annoying for customers. “That would be a sensible task for the municipalities and city marketing,” said Pangels.


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