Tragic Death of Argentinian Tourist in Oaxaca, Mexico: Attacked with Machetes

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Tragedy struck in the quiet state of Oaxaca as a young Argentine, Benjamín Gamond, lost his life on Monday after being viciously attacked by a man wielding a machete. The unfortunate incident occurred last Friday when Gamond and his friends were eating at a restaurant in Lagunas de Chacahua, a destination on the Pacific coast.

The prosecutor’s office revealed that the tourists’ attacker was initially the driver of the boat that brought them to La Isla. However, he later attacked them at the restaurant without any discernible motive. The assailant targeted Gamond, causing him severe head injuries that ultimately led to his untimely death in Mexico City on Monday.

Gamond was only 23 years old and hailed from Córdoba. He was a member of the Tala Rugby Club, and his death has left his loved ones and the larger sporting community in profound shock and grief.

The details of the fatal attack have shaken local authorities and the Mexican press, prompting calls for swift justice. While the incident remains under investigation, the Mexican government has pledged to ensure that the perpetrator is held accountable for his actions.

In times like this, it is essential to remember that tragedy can strike anywhere, and our thoughts remain with Gamond’s family during this difficult time. We hope that those responsible for his death are brought to justice, and that such heinous acts never occur again.

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