Tragic Death of Kuaron and Paris Harvey: Cousins Accidentally Shot on Live IG

In a very tragic incident, two cousins died while playing with a gun during Instagram live. Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey, who were just 14 and 12, made this unfortunate event a few days ago when a gun that the younger child was toying with accidentally went off, thus killing the cousin. The incident prompted Paris to shoot herself.

Read the full details of the incident below.

Who Were Kuaron and Paris Harvey?

Kuaron Harvey, 14, and Paris Harvey, 12, were two cousins native to St. Louis, Missouri. They were very close to each other and acted more like real brothers and sisters. The duo was raised together by Paris’ grandmother, Susan Dyson. According to the family members, the two were always having fun with each other, Facetiming, rapping, making videos, and pulling pranks.

The increasing buzz of Instagram live and pranking got the duo last week when they were involved in this tragic incident.

The Police are Calling it a Murder-Suicide

Ever since the incident took place, it went viral all over social media platforms. The police claim that the tragedy was a murder-suicide, but the family of the children has something else to believe. Paris’ mother is feeling distraught about such claims by the police. Shinise Harvey tells the media “It was a freak accident, it happened.” She also said that she did not watch the video herself, but the family members who watched it said the kids were trying to be too hip.

More Details of the Case Mentioned by the Police

The cousins were reportedly attending a birthday party for their young family member. The party had young teenagers and young adults. Harvey and Paris decided to go to the powder room to film an Instagram live video in front of the mirror. It is where the shooting took place.

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Police said that the cousins were first found unresponsive at 2.07 am. They have pronounced dead at the scene soon after. Their grandmother said it was not a situation where they were arguing or something. She further stated that they were merely playing with a gun when they should not have been.

Who had thought that something like this happens to the little kids?

After reaching the spot and finding the duo dead, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department posted a message on their social media handle:

“We are sending our heartfelt condolences to the family of 12-year-old Paris Harvey and 14-year-old Kuaron Harvey, who tragically passed away on 3/25/22.”

The Grandmothers Admits that Kids Shouldn’t Be Possessing a Gun

Susan Dyson, the grandmother of the children told the media that there was nothing wrong between her grandchildren. It is the gun they were playing with which became caused the accident. She also believed that children should not be holding guns in the first place.

“They were playing with the gun when they shouldn’t have been. Of course, they shouldn’t have been doing it. I think it just went off. It went off by mistake.”

More About the Grandchildren

Paris and Kuaron Harvey were often found together making videos for their social media handles and pulling pranks on each other and other people. According to the family members, Paris was one of the nine children. She studied in the seventh grade and was a fun-loving child. She also loved grooming her nails and hair. Paris had a beautiful voice.

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On the other hand, Kuaron was an eighth-grader. He had a goofy personality. He could do back flips too.

After the incident took place, everyone on Twitter and other social media platforms shared their condolences with the family members of the Harveys.

We wish the family strength and a happy place in heaven to Kuaron and Paris.

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