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Trailer for Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield’s “We Live In Time” Drops

So, way back during the 2023 Academy Awards, everyone — including myself — was talking about Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield presenting together. Literally, everyone was demanding someone put them in a movie together.
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Then, literally two days after those Oscars, it was announced that Florence and Andrew WOULD star in an upcoming romance film together.
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And THEN, when they started filming, those photos went viral, with everyone freaking out over how adorable they looked together.
A24 / Via
A24 / Via

The upcoming R-rated romance film follows Almut (Florence) and Tobias (Andrew), who are brought together when a surprise encounter changes their lives. Told through snapshots of their life together — falling for each other, building a home, becoming a family — a “difficult truth” is revealed that rocks its foundation.
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Now, Almut and Tobias embark on a challenging path forward as they learn to cherish every moment their unconventional love story has taken.
The film was directed by John Crawley, who previously directed Brooklyn, and written by Nick Payne, who wrote The Last Letter from Your Lover.

Let’s just say, just from the trailer alone, I know I will be sobbing from start to finish of this film. Not only are Flo and Andrew two of my favorite actors, but the film looks devastatingly beautiful and heartbreaking.
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And I’m not the only one. Shortly after We Live In Time dropped its first trailer, fans flocked to X (formerly Twitter) to share how excited they are for this movie to make them feel every single emotion. Here are 21 of the best reactions:

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You can watch the full trailer below:

We Live In Time hits theaters on Oct. 11, 2024.

Source: BuzzFeed