Trailer of Dr. Brain, the new Korean sensation for Apple TV +: sci-fi thriller

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Dr. Brain is the new series that arrives from South Korea after the enormous success of The Squid Game. And it does it as exclusive content of Apple TV+, Apple’s streaming platform, through a style story thriller and science fiction which is giving a lot to talk about after the premiere of its first episode, whose trailer you can see heading this news. It is about the adaptation of the digital comics of the same name and that tells us the descent into madness of a scientist expert in neurology who tries to access the consciousness of his brain after a mysterious accident suffered by his family.

New Korean sensation on Apple TV +

“Dr. Brain is a sci-fi thriller based on the well-known Korean webtoon that will be written and directed by the visionary director Kim Jee-woon (Two Sisters, I Saw the Devil) and starring Lee Sun-kyun (Parasites), winner of an award from the Screen Actors Guild. The series is the first Korean project for Apple TV + ”, the people in charge tell us.

According to his official synopsis, “Dr. Brain portrays the experiences of a neuroscience expert obsessed with discovering new technologies to access consciousness and memories stored in the brain. His life is turned upside down when his family is the victim of a mysterious accident ”.

The first episode is now available on the Apple platform with a plot that introduces us to Sewon, a scientist obsessed with researching the brain who receives dire news that prompts him to continue clinical trials of a dangerous method of synchronization between brains, all to find answers.

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The series promises a explosive mix of genres with touches of thriller, science fiction, police investigation, drama and even horror, all through an overwhelming visual staging.

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