Transform Your Handwritten Text with Kindle Scribe’s Automatic Cleaning Feature

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Amazon Updates Kindle Scribe with Impressive Features

There is no doubt that Amazon dominates the e-reader market thanks to its acclaimed Kindle family. And now, the most vitaminized model, the Kindle Scribe, receives a barrage of news.

It has been Amazon itself that has announced that the Kindle Scribe “the best Kindle Amazon has ever created, with writing that feels like pen on paper, and it’s only getting better,” now receives a complete update.

Convert Handwritten Notes to Text with Ease

Write on your Kindle Scribe and it will take care of converting it to text. One of the benefits of the Kindle Scribe has to do with its pen that allows you to write whatever you want, as well as having some interesting functions, such as integration with Microsoft Word.

And now, Amazon’s most comprehensive eBook reader includes the ability to convert your handwritten notes to text when you export them, a new lasso selection tool for your notes and drawings, and new writing content exclusive to Kindle Scribe.

In this way, you will be able to easily convert any text written by hand with its new tool so that you can use Kindle Scribe as a notebook. In the Share menu, customers will have the option to “Convert to text and quick send” and “Convert to text and email” to be able to send it in TXT format.

New Lasso Selection Tool

Also coming to the Kindle Scribe is a lasso selection tool. You’ll be able to use it for notebooks, sticky notes, as well as PDF files uploaded to your Kindle library via Send to Kindle.

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And what is it for? You will only have to circle the handwritten text, to resize or move the selection where you want. And if you use PDF files, you can now switch between portrait and landscape view mode, trim the margins to increase font size and select text to highlight, add text, search the dictionary…

New Writing Content Options

Finally, Kindle Scribe will have a new feature selection of books and titles that support writing directly on the page, including guided journals and word games like crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles. These new content options are available for purchase on Amazon and the Kindle Store on your Kindle device.

There are also changes to the interface, as you can now create folders within folders to better organize your content by simply pressing the “ +” in an already created folder.

More Enhancements to the Kindle Scribe

Isn’t that enough? You’ll now be able to send documents in -docx or -doc format from Microsoft Word for review on the Kindle, though a Microsoft 365 subscription is required. Finally, Kindle Scribe is now getting new fountain pen, highlighter, and pencil brush options, which ensures you can write at your best with new brush types and thickness options.

This update will reach you automatically in the next few weeks, so you don’t have to do anything more than have a little patience. As the saying goes, the best things come to those who wait.

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