“Transformed After 17 Years: Their Inspiring Journey to Success”

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This Sunday, May 7, one of the most anticipated series by nostalgics arrives at AtresPlayer Premium: UPA Next.

The Return of UPA Dance

The fiction, which continues years after UPA Dance ended and to which Mónica Cruz, Miguel Ángel Muñoz and Beatriz Luengo return, returns to the Antena 3 platform with a new generation of students who will meet again with the most mythical characters, promising to revolutionize the popular art school.

“They have incredible talent. They are very well prepared and they are very good people and they have a lot of harmony as a group”, the protagonists have said in the presentation of the series about the new characters in these eight episodes.

The Reunion of the Original Cast

Almost 20 years after their goodbye, the protagonists have numerous projects behind them and have changed a lot. With some special cameos, among them the appearance of Lola Herrera stands out, who will once again put herself in the shoes of the mythical Carmen Arraz, in this sequel, it is Rober (Miguel Ángel Muñoz), who after a few years succeeding in the United States wants to reunite his former colleagues and revive UPA DANCE.

A New Generation

But not everything will be as simple as he believes, since as his character happened to his teachers there will be a clash with the ways of thinking and feeling of his students. Of course, despite the fact that many viewers hope to find the leading quintet, in the new chapters of the fiction Pedro played by Pedro Puyol and Silvia Marty, who gave life to Ingrid, two of the members of the original group that will not be part of the life of Lola and Rober.

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The New Cast

However, there will be some affectionate wink towards their characters. Javier Pons, executive producer of the series, explained a few months ago. “I see them sing, dance and interpret and I don’t know what they do first. They are very good, they have a lot of personality and they are very mature for their age”, has said Beatriz Luengo about the new cast.

UPA Dance’s Signature Moves

In addition to the protagonists, there were also some very important characters in UPA Dance and loved ones like Marta Ramos, played by Dafne Fernández or Benito López ‘Beni’, played by Asier Etxeandía. Both actors began their journey through the Antena 3 series very young and since then they have not stopped succeeding in numerous projects throughout their careers.

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