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Transport turnaround: sharing offers in Berlin are being regulated

Berlin is introducing new requirements for providers of rental cars, rental bicycles and scooters. The main aim of a law passed by the House of Representatives is to regulate and control the offers more closely. The new regulation makes it clear that the commercial offer of rental vehicle and sharing fleets is a special use of roads. A prerequisite is therefore an official permit, which is subject to a fee.

The administration can refuse or grant this, the latter under certain circumstances with conditions, for example with regard to parking spaces. In this way, wild growth and “conflicts of use” are to be prevented, as stated in the explanatory memorandum for the law. Because especially scooters and bicycles from rental companies often block sidewalks, for example. In addition, the authorities can better control that sharing offers are offered across the city. At the moment, the city is full of them and none are available on the outskirts.

Sharing offers in traffic had experienced a boom in Berlin up to the corona pandemic and are viewed by the red-red-green Senate as part of an ecological turnaround in traffic. The number of sharing vehicles on Berlin’s streets fluctuates depending on the season and the operating situation. According to the Senate, there were 6,000 rental cars, around 16,000 e-scooters and e-scooters and 14,000 rental bicycles in 2020. In the wake of Corona, the boom ebbed somewhat, not least because fewer tourists came to the city.


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