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Travis Kelce Shares Astounding Cost of Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl Suite

Travis Kelce may have just revealed how much Taylor Swift’s suite at the 2024 Super Bowl cost — and it’s staggering.

In a clip from Netflix’s new docuseries, Receiver, the 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs player is seen chatting with San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle about the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII and who would be there to support them.

After Kittle, 30, mentions his father, Kelce inquires about where he plans to seat his family inside Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. "You guys doing a suite?" Kelce asks the 49ers player, with whom he founded Tight End University. "No, I can’t," Kittle responds.

Before Kittle can finish his sentence, Kelce cuts him off with a laugh, asking, "Because they’re f***ng $3 million dollars?" The Chiefs star, who recently signed a two-year contract extension worth $34.25 million, joked he wasn’t sure if Kittle was sharing a private suite with other teammates.


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Though Kelce did not confirm if he paid the cost to accommodate Swift, 34, and her friends, including Blake Lively and Ice Spice, plus his own family members for the big game, fans immediately speculated that his knowledge of the price meant he footed the bill. Additionally, TMZ reported before the big game, which the Chiefs won, that Kelce had indeed paid for the suite.

In the comments of one TikTok video featuring the clip from the series, fans commented on Kelce’s $3 million reaction. "Poor Travis 😂😭 he had no choice but to get them a suite though," one person remarked, referencing how Swift’s fame would make it difficult to have her in the stands with other fans.

"He’s just chuckling as if he didn’t drop 3 Mil on a suite for his family and Taylor’s 🤣," another commented. "Not everyone gets to go home with Taylor Swift! ❤️," a third responded.

(L-R): Donna Kelce, Ice Spice, Jason Kelce, Taylor Swift, and Blake Lively inside a suite at Allegiant Stadium for the 2024 Super Bowl – Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This event is considered one of the defining moments in their roughly one-year-long relationship. The couple even shared a sweet kiss after the win and had an adorable conversation on the field.

Swift, a billionaire in her own right, has received ample support from her beau. Since going public with their love story in September, Kelce has traveled around the world with Swift and applauded her during her Eras Tour shows. The tight end even recently had a surprise song setlist seemingly devoted to him and made his debut on stage with Swift in London.

In May, a source told ET that while their lives are increasingly busy, they are very much in love and unafraid to show it. People close to them wouldn’t be surprised if Kelce pops the question and Swift accepts his proposal.

A source shared, "Taylor and Travis are doing amazing, and their loved ones see an engagement coming sooner than later. They make a great match, and there’s no question about that."

Source: Netflix, ET, TMZ