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Travis Kelce Urges Crowd to Applaud Taylor Swift as She Leaves Dublin

Travis Kelce Urges Crowd to Applaud Taylor Swift as She Leaves Dublin

Travis Kelce has always been vocal in his support for his superstar girlfriend, Taylor Swift. The NFL star was recently spotted displaying his affection for her once again as she exited the Aviva Stadium in Dublin on Sunday.

The couple was seen by some members of the crowd walking together backstage after Swift’s third sold-out performance in the Irish capital. At one point, actress Julia Roberts even joined them.

Eagle-eyed fans erupted in cheers as Kelce and Swift began waving at them. Kelce took it a step further, moving his arms up and down to incite more applause for the “Shake It Off” singer.

He beamed and reached out towards her, much like his now-famous pose on stage with her during their Wembley appearance. Kelce continued clapping for her until she grasped his arm, guiding him to the door while still acknowledging the crowd.

Some fans captured this touching moment on film and quickly shared the videos online, where they went viral. One video, posted on TikTok by a fan with the username alexaelizabethh, garnered thousands of likes and comments within just a few hours.

“Why does it feel like watching a happy ending of a very good movie,” one person commented. Another added, “I know I’m not the only one that could watch their interaction on a steady loop.”

Kelce had flown to Dublin to support Swift after missing her first two Irish shows to attend a friend’s wedding in the United States. Swift fans were ecstatic when Kelce showed up at the VIP tent halfway through the gig, joining celebrities Julia Roberts and Stevie Nicks.

Swift was well aware of her VIP guests, even dedicating the surprise song “Clara Bow” to Nicks and singing “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs” during her performance of “Karma” as a nod to her beau.

The pop sensation performed before crowds of more than 50,000 people on each night of her three sold-out concerts in Dublin. These shows broke records and led to numerous standing ovations, some lasting over three minutes.

Swift mentioned that she would cherish these reactions for the rest of her life.

Source: particlenews