Tried 5 Alternatives to AirPods Pro Starting at $ 40 – Which Was the Best?

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Surprise: I really like AirPods. Apple’s wireless headphones work really well and sound great. There is only one problem: they are too expensive. The three currently available options sell for $ 159, $ 199, and $ 249. It is true that discounts do apply from time to time, but in the best case you can save approximately 28%. Are there more affordable alternatives?

Yes. And many. That’s why I’ve compiled five alternatives to AirPods that cost less than $ 100 or even a lot less. Some options are better than others, but all provide a comfortable listening experience and great sound without emptying your wallet.

Most of these products compete directly with the $ 249 AirPods Pro as they have similar silicone ear cushions that fit snugly into the ear canals to seal them and provide the best possible audio quality and isolation from ambient noise. Some also provide the same Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature as the Pro, and others offer advanced features like automatic ear detection that pauses or resumes playback when you take off or put on the headphones, as well as a wireless charging case. .

So what will you really give up if you decide to go for cheaper headphones? To begin with, not all ANC systems are the same. Cheaper headphones may not block noise as well. You should also take into account the quality of the calls, an important detail if you talk a lot on the phone or use the headphones for your Zoom meetings. I confess that since there are so many variables at stake when it comes to call quality, it’s the only thing I couldn’t test.

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In other respects, sometimes you win. The AirPods Pro have a nominal battery life of 4.5 hours per charge that drops to 3.5 hours with the ANC system on, but almost all of these headphones can play longer, in some cases much longer.

You’ll also find products that have add-on apps that allow you to toggle between different modes, adjust settings, and in some cases use an equalizer to level the audio to your liking. In other words, many headphone manufacturers are beating Apple on their own playing field while offering you more competitive prices at the same time. Let’s take a look at these five alternatives.

Note: Some of the prices listed below reflect the use of promotional codes and / or coupons. They are the exact prices at the time of writing this article, but they may change.

In a sector full of black and white products, literally, the Soundcore Life P3 headphones stand out as a must-have color note. Yes, the two monochromatic models are also available, but you can choose between navy blue, sky blue or coral red. In any case, no matter what color you choose, these headphones will give you an extra touch of style with their chrome trim.

Another notable feature? The excellent companion app from Soundcore so you can modify the touch control settings of the headphones, toggle between multiple noise cancellation modes, and choose from various EQ presets or customize your own. There’s also an in-ear cushions seal quality test, a detail you’ve never seen before, and it even has around a dozen white noise sounds that you can play to get to sleep.

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