Tried out briefly: Windows 11 Build 22000.51

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The Windows Insider Preview Build 22000.51 released by Microsoft is based on Windows 10, enhanced by some changes to the user interface made in the Sun Valley project. Therefore, the processes during the installation are largely the same as the usual steps under Windows 10. We have looked at this and more.

If during the installation in a virtual machine an error message OOBEKEYBOARD, OOBELOCAL or OOBEREGION occurs, it helps to open a command prompt via Shift + F10 and after these remarks Activate the “Administrator” account, run msoobe.exe and then restart the installation by switching it off. The process may have to be repeated several times if the error occurs repeatedly.

At first glance, many of the Windows 11 controls appear tidy and modern. The new look of the windows with rounded corners and newly designed icons also contributes to this. However, it should be noted that build 22000.51 is the first public version of Windows 11, the code of which is still very close to Windows 10. Basically, it is Windows 10, into which elements of the user interface from Windows 10X have been integrated. Even if a German-language Windows 11 was installed, English terms can often be found in the settings or menus.

As tidy as the start menu looks at first glance, it quickly becomes clear during practical work that several mouse clicks or scrolling over a tiny scroll element are necessary for many actions. It is also not clear where the advantages of the taskbar icons arranged in the middle or the “Start” page are.

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A few unsightly little things were noticed in the look of the new user interface. Media folders in Explorer no longer show saved photos as thumbnails, a function that was introduced to Windows with great fuss years ago. Checked radio buttons are displayed with a white dot in a blue circle when using a light mode. Scroll bars are sometimes very narrow, so it becomes a fiddly job to hit them with the mouse pointer. For people with impaired vision or impaired motor skills, this is a definite deterioration.

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