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Tristan Thompson Cheating Drama Explained

From infidelity scandals and paternity allegations to high-profile breakups, Tristan Thompson’s life in the spotlight has been rife with turmoil.

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The Sacramento Kings player debuted in the NBA in 2011. But until August 2016, when he began dating Khloé Kardashian, his personal relations were not so well-known.

Thompson’s previous relationship with Jordan Craig became a major issue once the news of his romance with Kardashian surfaced in September 2016. While Thompson stated that he and Craig had broken up long before he was engaged with the reality tv star; however, Craig’s pregnancy has raised questions about his statement.

Thompson’s former said that his romance with Kardashian brought her grief during the pregnancy. Craig said in court papers filed in November 2018 that the NBA star paid her $112,000 to keep her away from hooking up with other men while he was dating the TV personality.

Jordan does doubt the chronology of Khloé’s very publicized sequence of events at that period, in which she claimed that she was clueless that Tristan had ditched her for Khloé, a source told in June 2019.

Thompson and Kardashian both rejected the claim that they were dating, stating that Thompson was still emotionally tied to Craig.

On the other hand, Thompson was not the only one who was suspected of cheating. In reality, his relationship with Jordyn Woods in February 2019 led to his first separation from Kardashian. While the couple, who have a daughter named True, rejoined in August 2020, a source announced in June 2021 that they were no longer together.

Thompson looks to be surrounded by relationship turmoil since he has been accused of fathering children with a range of women on many occasions. In December 2021, Maralee Nichols had given birth to a child, and she claimed that the father of the child was a Canadian native.

Thompson admitted to having sex with the instructor, whom he spent some time during his 30th birthday party. He also demanded that paternity be determined by DNA testing.

To view all of Thompson’s contentious relationships in chronological order, scroll down:

In December 2016

Thompson and Craig divorced before their son Prince was born. Three months before the birth of the child, in September 2016, a source reported that a sportsman had moved on with Kardashian.

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In April 2018

While Kardashian was expecting his baby, it was revealed that Thompson had cheated on her with many women. Photos of the professional basketball star kissing a random lady in a New York City bar emerged that month, and the story quickly spread.

Later the same day, TMZ revealed a never-before-seen video of Thompson in October 2017 at a hookah club in Washington, D.C., putting on the PDA with two separate ladies. Kardashian gave birth to their baby on April 12 and opted to stay in a relationship with Thompson despite the incident.

In June 2018

“You have no knowledge of what goes on in our household or the enormous rebuilding this takes to even coexist,” Kardashian told a Twitter follower about why she remained with the NBA star after his infidelity. 

In November 2018

In court filings, Craig alleged that Thompson’s affair with Kardashian caused her stress throughout her pregnancy in 2016. The blogger claimed in the documents acquired by Radar Online in June 2019 that Thompson was aware of the pregnancy in April 2016 and started to date the tv personality four months later.

“Their relationship went viral, and everything took a turn for the worst,” Craig said in the affidavit. She further added that multiple pieces were published across the globe every day, ridiculing her new horrible situation, and her pregnancy would suddenly become one of the most famous gossip headlines owing to the lady Tristan and Thompson’s relationship.

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In February 2019

Thompson embraced Kylie Jenner’s former BFF Woods at a celebration ten months after he was found lying on the Revenge Body presenter. A source told at the time that Kardashian “feels so betrayed” by Thompson’s then behavior. 

Kardashian and Thompson broke up as a result of the adultery, although they continue to co-parent True.

In July 2019

When he initially started dating Kardashian, the famous Boston Celtics player debunked allegations that he was still dating his ex-girlfriend Craig. He tweeted at the time, “When I met Khloé, I was SINGLE.” 

After the timeframe of her and Thompson’s romance was brought into doubt, Kardashian recounted her side by saying, “MY TRUTH IS: I met Tristan because HE CHOSE to go on a blind date with me.”

In May 2020

Thompson sued a lady called Kimberly Alexander, which came to light after she claimed Thompson was the father of her 4-year-old boy.

In January 2020, the athlete willingly conducted a paternity test, which conclusively revealed that Thompson is not the dad of Alexander’s kid, according to the athlete. According to Thompson’s lawyer, Alexander “refused to accept the results” after getting the lab results and accused him of “manipulating the results.” According to insider, the claim was a “malicious lie.”

In August 2020

According to many sources, the former Cleveland Cavaliers star and the Kardashians alum are back together and discussing extending their family.

In November 2020

Following the news of his and Khloé’s reunion, the Real Housewives of Miami star rejected the claims that she had an affair with Thompson. She said, “I would never do that. That is not even my personality.” 

Later that month, a source informed that Pippen had no involvement in Thompson’s introduction to Khloé. In November 2020, an insider revealed, “No one remembers Khloé meeting Tristan before or being introduced to him via Larsa.” 

In June 2021

According to Us, Thompson and the cofounder of Good American “broke up a few weeks” ago, and they are still friendly toward one another and will continue to co-parent. “There was no drama that broke them up,” a source told at the time. 

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In July 2021

Thompson and Lamar Odom got into a social networking spat over their shared ex, Khloé Kardashian. Both males wrote romantic remarks on her Instagram profile after she published a picture of herself in a bikini under an outdoor showering.

In December 2021

Nichols sued the professional athlete for child support, alleging that he fathered her infant kid. Nichols welcomed the baby on December 1, according to the source. A representative for Nichols subsequently confirmed that she had given birth to a child.

Thompson admitted to having sex with Nichols many times in court records. After making the first request in July of that year, he asked for DNA testing to confirm paternity when the baby was delivered. 


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