Trump faces renewed allegations of fraud as he declares before New York Attorney once more


Earlier this week, former United States President Donald Trump made yet another appearance before the Attorney General of New York, Letitia James. James is leading a civil case accusing Trump, his company, and three of his children in fraudulently manipulating the value of family business assets to secure loans and obtain tax breaks. This comes less than ten days after he pleaded “not guilty” in a criminal case regarding 34 counts of falsifying business records to conceal payments to three individuals to avoid potential damage to his 2016 presidential campaign.

James is seeking $250 million from the Trump Organization and a business ban for both Trump and his children in New York. The Democratic Attorney General’s Office questioned Trump last summer, and the case continues to build before the trial begins. However, Trump has publicly criticized James for being a racist and leaking information to the press about his appearance.

Through his social network, Truth Social, Trump has accused James of political persecution and electoral interference. He released a statement in which he accuses the prosecutor of being radical and unfairly targeting him for political reasons, among other things. Trump also claimed that all the investigations against him are unwarranted, and he considers this civil case to be ridiculous.

In December, two companies linked to the Trump Organization were found guilty of various charges of tax evasion in a New York court. The Trump Corporation and Trump Payroll Corporation were accused of giving a significant portion of executive compensation “under the table” to lower their taxes. Trump himself and his relatives were not indicted, but the Manhattan Prosecutor’s Office asserted that the tax evasion scheme was carried out with the highest levels of responsibility within the company.

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In conclusion, the Trump family and their business continue to face legal trouble in New York. The civil case being led by Letitia James adds to the ongoing investigations into the Trump Organization, and the former president continues to face criminal charges of business record falsification. Whether or not any of these cases will result in convictions remains to be seen.

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